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  1. Virtual reality your game !

    Hey guys I here to present u if u don't know it before ...U just need a decent phone with hd pixel res (samsung s5 use )i have android so don't know about iPhone take a cardboard from media markt or get 1 from net it's pretty cheap but in media markt u can try them .I select a normal one cost 15 euro so... Not a big infest now u just need to download vrmypc Google it then install n u ready.. Start bns scroll to the fps view when u in-game and enjoy Credits by TmXx 😎😁
  2. True "yes. it cast skills insta and u dont brake ur fingers . the game is poorly made and thats why u need to have 10 fingers hand to manage hit all skills . combo as tab-lmb-rmb-v-2-tab-lmb-rmb-1-f-4 i mean :) wtf is this combo ? a special v-2 part . loo at ur keyboard and telll me how u can do it without leave comtrolls ?" How to do it ?? With learn and practise !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. BnS making my Hard drive disconnect and crash

    I was work for a computer shop we got lot of hdds what not even boot up but after recovery its work for years sometimes its dont work but worth a try ...
  4. Nono u still bad need a button to leave arena lool -_- I try explain u ... Go in arena see some bc is coming on fight then i can instant go back lobby for next match o.O or its too bad ??
  5. BnS making my Hard drive disconnect and crash

    U ever heard about hdd regenerator ? but its pay to go if i'm good (i always torrent it from somwhere) its really works on bad hdds but its not the long time solving so u need change it soon but it can add 1 y lifetime ! I always use my hdds till they die :D
  6. Lol Ra9 my think u dont understand this guy ! He have a really good idea .. Leave arena button... i need atm close the game if i dont wanna pvp with the opponent and its happening sometimes...
  7. Killtrades a sort of Exploit ?!

    Laught out my ass + going to mad ... I cant trust this much complaining about everything ! Exploit is abuse something but ask som1 to help me w my quest ?? Its a joke ... and a bad joke . Its looks like better bann every1 and close the server cuz u do anything u abuse the system. Never see this much cry and complaining in other game forums in the past !! Maybe i going to older or the other players are younger ? Who know ... But i have my char i maded it i work with it so i can decide if i let som1 kill me or not ... if i wanna i just stay in the game on a whole day afk and let others to kill me!!!!! I gonna sick of what i see every day in here... If i kick som1 from pt cuz of low ap i will abuse the set check system or if i buy something from npc then sell in ah 2 3x more prices i abuse the market ? If some 1 wanna kill me and i use escape i abuse the escape system ?? and the biggest joke if som1 is afk on the trees and i grab him down i abuse the wallrun skill or ??? WHATS NEXT ???? ROFL
  8. Heyho in 24 man dungs really got fps drop but w low options its not too much... if u really likee the game its worth a try in my option
  9. Hay guys !I got the same problem like u but ... i love the game so i dont thinking about quit and dont cry here !Whats up if every 20 min some noob window pop up ? Nothing!!! All day are some1 will quit and some new peoples are coming! Yes we have bots we have gold sellers we have fps issue and lot of other things but this still the nicest game of last years so shut up and w8 till the Nc do their job or simple quit its ur choise ...
  10. Can I beat mushin F8 with..

    Not really i cant even beat the second form :DDD
  11. Art Shop | Open

    Nice and everything but my think its againist the ToS u not able to sell anything for gold or smth like that... Anyway good luck
  12. Gem chest crafting

    Damn :( So sad fk
  13. Option to hide Character Info

    u hide char info then we need to go to first boss in dung to see u are cant deal enought damage to do a fast run. So in this case i dont really accept this ! +1 what u want hide ? all people have a "same weapon' cuz of the system of upgrading so max is what u can hide is ur low level things cuz lot of people dont wanna go with u if u are low. All people have to decide himself or herself if they wanna spend their time for slower runs... +2 with a full 400+ ap party we do bloodshade in 10-15 min with full of -360 ap party its cost more then half hour So please dont play with my time and dont be mad if any1 dont have time to do slow runs Kiss Ohh almost forgot something...i was a low soulshielded and low weaponed guy in the BSH in yesterday... i ask him why u dont go and farm ur moonwater soul shield ? He said only play 2 hour per a day... but my god if u have 20 k hp u die like 20-30 times per a day. So whats better take ur time (and ur partymembers time) to wake up all some minuts or take that 1 hour to farm it ot then then u will can survive and do dungeons faster
  14. Ban wave and NCsoft

    I never has banned in any online games only if i do something about it ...