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  1. 2 minutes ago, Minichi said:

    Hopefully they fix the random Crash issue, it makes leveling a hassle since I have to restart the application every time I enter a new area... 

    It's almost assuredly an issue with one of your background programs. For example, if I have Razer Synapse open, it crashes BnS at random within 30 minutes.

  2. 1 minute ago, animefreak2390 said:

    yes servers are entertaining at the moment they are workin gon it. maybe use more than 1 gon and make sure they are KFM's to grapple and torture the correct procedure out of them.

    Couldn't an FM Gon have been the problem to start with? Maybe they froze the server D:


    SEND THE LYN, they're close enough to hamsters that you don't need any major server architecture alterations!

  3. 1 minute ago, Laoshottie said:

    we got people spamming something about boy pussies

    We have the constant "OMG ALIENWARE" spam, in addition to the teenage boy pretending to be a teenage girl, constant racism against the Lyn. We have things worse than what you said, but I'm not going to bring up what they are purely to prevent others from repeating the drivel. Let's just say most of them are inappropriate.

  4. Just now, Laoshottie said:

    You should see crimson legion on mushin lel, a dying faction 1 week into the game with memes



    Because CO Master Hong chat is...I don't even have words. We have a teenage boy pretending to be a 13 year old girl saying things I can't even repeat for fear of being given a warning.

  5. I fail to see how the difficulty is "arbitrary" by any means.


    Arbitrary difficulty is any of the following (For MMOs):

    Pure gear/math checks (IE: Can't kill a boss because it has more HP regen (Or an enrage timer) than you put out in optimized DPS, or tank checks).

    Ping difficulty (The lag is real)

    Overpopulated mob spawns

    Imbalanced repair costs/money gain/etc.

    Anti-grouping mechanics (Forced solo instancing, bad loot mechanics, bad boss-to-player stat scaling)


    NOT arbitrary:

    Difficult skill rotations.

    In-depth class and game mechanic knowledge. (Your complaint).


    AI complexity


    If you don't enjoy a challenge, don't play the game - but don't pretend it's some failing of the combat system, which is where this game clearly shines. If you want to blame BnS for anything, blame it for the overall bland feeling outside of combat, horrible loot system, and massively imbalanced sell/buy prices at vendors during early levels. The combat system is by far better than most MMOs.

  6. I still think FFXIV:ARR did it best - random dice roll, need/greed/pass options, need only available to classes the item is for and takes priority over greed, and rare items you already have can not be rolled for. The bid system doesn't seem all that bad, minus the amount of time it can take on bosses with 4+ desirable rare drops.

  7. Errr, you must've had very bad timing. In-game, they gave warning of servers going down 30 minutes beforehand. Logging into the game after downtime would shut down your game before entering character selection. You must've finished character creation shortly after servers went down, but were still past the main server-check before character selection.