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  1. Issues with Character creation

    leave the random names for the gold sellers. there are a ton of servers and only 1 exclusive name for 1 single person.
  2. Ashes in the Fall - Outfit. HOW TO GET ???

    Really ? Chapter 27 ? OMFG
  3. Ashes in the Fall - Outfit. HOW TO GET ???

    Right now I came back to Jadestone Village. It's all dark and creepy.
  4. Ashes in the Fall - Outfit. HOW TO GET ???

    Isn't she in the desert ? or am I thinking of another npc ? I want it now :C
  5. I'm really getting annoyed by this. I want that damn outfit but I can't figure out how to get it. I know I need chapter 17, OKAY but what's next ???? I'm already on chapter 19 .. Can't even find a website or a video with this information -.-''
  6. Why did YOU start playing B&S ? ~

    I have no idea why I'm playing this game. I heard about this on a forum but I never really cared about it. To be totally honest, I also have no clue as to why I'm still playing the game. I've seen far better and also so much worse than this.
  7. Graphics comparison max vs low

    I have a GTX 650 and an i5 4670 and I play with everything on max with 60fps xD
  8. I got that while jumping off a cliff.
  9. How to kill the bots.

    So, you wanna get rid of bots and f2p players by putting a paywall behind major stuff. Did I understand it correctly ?
  10. Do you guys like screenshots?

    I can. It was called Dragon Ball Online. Look it up on youtube if you don't know it. Best MMO ever, imho. Truly 12/10. Sadly it lacked some creativity from the team to keep expanding the game, it was also going to be realeased in NA and EU.
  11. How do the Yun reproduce?

    There are sperm banks for a reason ya know ._.
  12. Leveling Assassin ?

    If you wanna go as an assassin it would be better to try to learn the combos while leveling since it's a combo based class. Spam all the way to the end and you'll be a big noob.
  13. Just keep upgrading your hongmoon weapon ... Forget everthing else, all the other drops are just to use for that single purpose.
  14. Bots ? LOL

    As far as I can see these are getting the gems from that first boss and then running to the wheel of fate to get the things (not sure why but yeah). No idea if they're spamming in the chat too because I don't use anything '-'
  15. Bots ? LOL

    That's a really stupid thing. The laws where the victim is are the laws that should be applied to the scammer. That or just nuke that damn country out of extinction, they won't be missed.