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  1. Radiant Energy Exchange Update

    AHHA look at all this autistic whale screeching. the ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ did you expect, something perfect? Get a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing grip or actually egt some brains instead of big wallets. It was too good to be true, your stupidity got abused now deal with it.
  2. [Update] Raid Sizes in Dark Origins

    stop whining, make second group for vt. Merge them then seperate them later again. Or you know, you could wait a few weeks and do it in 12man? Or whining the only thing you can do?
  3. crashes per day ?

  4. First Scorpion NA level 50

    It's soul level.
  5. yeah because patch makes a class that requires skills into a complete faceroll, Git gud
  6. Change the name of the game please

    Do you want some ocean with that salt?
  7. Whats "siphoned"?

    It's an effect that gets applied by using leech
  8. Dragoncall or Dragon Helix

    Dragoncall until I get the book, then Ill switch to helix. Dragon call is awesome cause you can reset its CD quite often.
  9. Current state of PvP and PvE viablity

    You sure youre playing same game? Cause with warlock I obliterate everything faster than all my other classes to that point
  10. maint will be long so..post ur music

    whatever float your goat mayte, Keep listenin to yer weeb music, cause youre surely narrow minded enough as is. Oh, and go get laid with real girls, not body pillows.
  11. maint will be long so..post ur music

    says a guy with weeabo shit. Go get laid snowflake.