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  1. Help!!!

    @RAID .....That was more than i even asked for. but dayum it was both epic and nice to read a bit to long. but it was well written and perfect answers for my questions... well my conclusion of what you wrote is just to stay away from the game and forget about it even tho it looks like it's good game, well it is but apparently the company sadly isn't doing that much of great work which makes the game below average. which kinda sad, hurtful and painful. because developers years ago was really taking care of running games and caring less about profit and more on actual project. but i guess that time is gone now sadly. I want to Humbly thank you for your time and effort of writing all that so i'm really grateful and thankful, so thank you very much for your time, effort and help. Well if you don't mind i want to point something You seem like gamer who really loves playing games and appreciate the games for what they are regardless of the developers / company running them Seeing from that reply of your's, you truly are a person i would love to play and contact with about games in daily basis Your Honesty is kinda surprising is kinda surprising, same as your effort and work. most people would just answer the questions with 1 line or less and that's it or some would of have hated / attacked the game and developers for their foolishness or way of handling stuff, but your reply was both mannered, well informed and quite detailed that makes the asker satisfied with your reply. As person who loves games for over 15 years now. You truly are someone i wish to be gaming buddy with and play with. follow and work hard to catch up to you. now a days many people play games just to troll other or ruin the pleasure of gaming to others but you're like Knight in Shining armour who's sincere and honest with what you do. which is admirable. Lastly of course people loves your work. who wouldn't. ( other than haters and trolls of course ) your work is just simply amazing and honestly cant described with words. well i surely cant. your reply was pretty much of masterpiece to be honest. well that's sums up what i wanted to say. i kinda wish wish if we could become friends and play games together, however i shall not force myself into it. Respecting others and their lives is a must. well that's what i was taught when i was child. anyways once again i want to say thank you very much for your reply, and also apologize for my bad written reply, i kinda am bad at these things lol. well i hope you have nice day and hopefully we can meet again. i'll keep my mind on this post for while just in case you replied. but my answer to playing this game will be " Negative " Sadly.
  2. Help!!!

    Hey everyone, i have came here today to ask question and i hope you will help me with that So i started playing this game when it was released but quit after while due to my bad Pc and not being able to play it decently, now i can play it but i'm not quite sure if this game is worth playing right now or not. in additional my GF is going to play with me, we both will begin from 0 so i would like to know if this game is Worth playing ? Worth paying for the Premium membership ? What classes are the best for Pve ? Will we ever be able to catch up to players who's been playing for years ? We will probably please in EU so which server has the highest population in EU ? Are there still new comers players ( Like my and my gf ) or it's only old players ? How's the community and are people willing to help or they will just bully / troll us ? What are the things we need to know before starting playing this game Is the game going to be fun to be played by 2 players together. i mean the story will be both be doing the quests together at same time ? Lastly your honest opinion should we play the game or should we hard pass ? Thanks for Reading and hope you all have nice day
  3. Magister Mortalis - Crimson Legion Pve

  4. Magister Mortalis - Crimson Legion Pve

    Magister Mortalis Welcome Everyone To Magister Mortalis Topic Stats of the Clan: 1. Clan Rank: Rank 6 2. Clan Masters: KillerX & Avaze 3. Faction: Crimson Legion 4. Clan Members: Currently we are 25 out of 60 5. Clan Focus: (Pve) 6. Type of Clan: Mid-Core (Family) 7. Adding: (Global) 8. Recruiting: Join FB Clan or Contact me at My FB 9. Additional Stats: We have Discord as well (you’ll get address once you join our clan)!!! 10. Clan FB Page: Magister Mortalis Requirement To Join The Clan: v Clan Language: English Why?! Because we are International Clan J. v Age Restrict: 18+ Why?! Because this Clan Consists of Adults. v Region: Global Why?! Again, Because the Clan is International Clan J. v Level: 45 Why?! To be able to join Faction Dailies, Instances & World Bosses. v Attack Power: 360 AP Why?! Some Instances are time based so we need a certain DPS average to be able to finish it and even finish it fast. v Characters: Only ( 1 ) Character Per Person Why?! Because we need Clan Members to be Active & Dedicated to the Clan Expectation: · Active: 3 Hours Online Per Day, 15 Hours Online Per Week. · Playing With Clan: During Clan Party’s, Members should Use Discord. · Swearing: Is strictly forbidden in Clan Chat & Discord. · Hardcore Pornographic Content: Is Also Forbidden unless it’s Funny Picture Contain SOME Sexual Content Clan Donation: Faction Insignia is requirement Donation, But Soul Stone & Gold Donation is not requirement but if u donates it, it will be appreciated. Rules: No selling: Selling stuff for real life money in a guild is highly prohibited. Doing this will lead you without questioning to permanent ban. Selling stuff in game for the game gold is of course allowed J. Don't be racist: Posting racist content or talking racism can lead you without questioning to permanent ban. There is only one case when you can post such thing, and that is again in term of the jokes. That's all for now J. Contact: If anyone has Question about the clan, Either u comment below or Apply to the Clan FB Group Message my Face Book, Or message KillerX or Avaze IN GAME….
  5. Vault

    Hi, how are you ? i hope u're doing good Anyways i wanna talk about Vault, because it's really bothering me... first of all my suggestion is to make Vault available between all the characters, because it make no since at opening slots over and over for all the Characters , i don't want to cash in this game so i keep opening Vault slots with the NCoin that's not fair at all, and it's really annoying that also the inventory it self need to be opened at least help a little!!! it cant be that u're greedy for money that much. now i'm fine with the inventory it's not bothering me at all, but what bothering me is the damn Vault. please open it to all the character make it shareable. at least put item in Hongmoon shop makes the Vault shareable between the characters, u will still earn money with it. please do something about u make it shareable between all characters in anyway possible please in shortcut Problem is : Vault isn't sharable between characters Solution is : 1st solution : you can put third Vault between characters 2nd solution : you can put item in Hongmoon shop that make both first Vault and secondary Vault sharable between the characters 3rd solution : just simply make it sharable without Please work on it because every time i want to make new character and think about Vault i remove the idea out of my head and stay on my 1st character and i really want to try more characters Thanks in Advance. Sorry for my bad English Thank you again