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  1. The real WHY summoner is OP

    Well I'm not a PvP boy but I can be if needed and this is my point about summoners (I'm not trolling or w/e). I have only one toon (a KFM) and summoners is a kind of source of frustration ofc. But I sometimes win against them. Here is what I try to keep in mind: - this is a team, then I have to target carefully. - as a team again I have to watch my back all along the fight. - kill the cat doesn't always mean a win as summoners can recast their cat. what I tend to do during the fight: - as always force summoner and cat to waste some cleansing skills. - exploit the cat, as summoners cannot control cat's attack rate to active my resist skills (Q and E) - if I can, neutralize the cat with freeze/unconscious state to focus on the summoner. - if I have the opportunity to kill the cat first, I do. If the cat die this is not always a win! summoners I've met use to do three things: 1. they fight without pet = this is stupid imo. I practically always win. 2. they push me away and run to the opposite direction to recast the cat afar. = I try to keep some gap closer skills for this situation. 3. they root me and recast. = I usually keep my backstep to clean root and go back to the fight. If I had to define a summoner, I won't say that a summoner is just OP. I think it'd be more approriate to say that summoner force me to work hard, like every classes atm, if I want to get a chance to beat him. Cheers :).