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  1. and you like them? i guess that is why you play the game.
  2. I feel dumb when i didn't understand a single sentence you just said. You sound like a southie redneck
  3. When people say, "no one is forcing you to pay", it is just like Police cover up sexual harassment in Cologne and the mayor says, "You need to dress up correct"
  4. Ok, I thought i got hacked or something LOL. Thanks forums for letting me know that this is server issue. Not my account :)
  5. If you're on Windrest /w Galadreal. I'll help you out.
  6. There are people who sell NC coins for gold legitimately. So, please do report that person if you're gold got scammed. With your ticket, Devs/Gms can isolate what happen and get your gold back.
  7. Please check the Terms and Conditions of the forum posts. You're not allow to mention player names. Just post a ticket at https://support.bladeandsoul.com/hc/en-us
  8. I got warned saying that I abused some people who posted on thread. I got really pissed off about people shamelessly exploiting that they can do win-trading and GMs doesn't want to get involve in that before they have better things to do. If anyone got hurt by any of my comments, i apologize for that. Since CMs are more worried about me and not the actual exploiters, i'm going to cancel my forum account. Wish you all good luck and have fun.
  9. Why do you care about my time I invest? I don't care what others do as long as it doesn't hurt the community i love. You don't have any right to tell me to "let it go". That is off your limits.
  10. /fraction chat: personx - LF red 10 - 10 What does that sound to you? That means personx wants 10 kills and offering 10 deaths. That is win-trading aka trading kills between 2 people.
  11. As i said, I have spent enough money to be worried. Second, i play by rules and experiences that i have heard or seen on others MMOs. As i said before, I don't care what others do. But there are lot of people who advocate win trading. And I can say little less than half of the people who responded to this thread are either don't care about rules or think that rules don't apply to their behavior. Let me give you a nice example. Today, some person on fraction chat ask someone to whisper him/her to get to know about master looting system. I responded to him/her
  12. And one person gets my point. Sometimes it takes lot of effort than 1-to-1 win trading for some of us to get the mission done.
  13. No disrespect, but i don't understand your comments. Would you care to clarify?
  14. Do i think whether they would check if people do illegal activities in all sorts? Yes, they should and they do. :) That is called game moderating or managing. Otherwise, why would they care about gold sellers? Those gold sellers don't general NCoins. They buy from NCSoft. Hence, money for NCsoft. But that is illegal.
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