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  1. Does not work. I have made it and I still get similar notification problems with different ending of files.
  2. [News] Blade & Soul: Warden’s Fury Arrives September 12

    Nice to see that the gunslinger is like sh*t now. Each class got power boosted and gunner got hooks time increased what makes you fu*cked up on pvp. Now I am going to leave playing with this class. Cheers
  3. Forgotten Brightstone Bangle Drop rate

    buy in AH 15s + so...
  4. Update patch 50 lvl

    hello please here notes what today update: thanks:D
  5. Preset Request!

    is like movie "frozen"
  6. New 50 lvl big update

    hmm 50 lvl too will new skille? i mean how much skille 50 lvl + 10 hm*
  7. off servers

    what happened? moment is not working server and lanuch... and spammer gold in forum omg... please ban him!
  8. Labirinth Soul Shield

    i got naryu 8 6,4k hp 257 crit rest tomorrow check and write here:) ps. i see dude got 8,4k hp and 300+ crit oO ( naryu 8)
  9. Halfmoon Festival Quest Missing!!

    where is npc map?? please replay thanks
  10. Just unlock the Warlock already

    2 slots + 1 slot for warclok?? = 3 ? i have understand?:P
  11. Shop Ncoins

    Hello, i have a question in shop ncoins (ctrl+ c) i no cant buy why? Maybe need buy packs shop or bug?
  12. Game Crashing when entering server

    stupid appcrash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i today got 12x crasher.... WTF!! i have good pc and net i think by server no yet fix app crash... jesus
  13. damn i am fm but too no cant kill boss jungdalo... stupid dmg combo:( i think FM is hard a rest classes all easy ...
  14. Failed to connect to server

    What happened?... omg i killed 1f to 6f and dc..... *********************
  15. Mainatainance extended!

    hmm how long more maint?? 1h+?