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  1. Grimor could you add more salt to your tirade ? I'm not "trying to make the game fit ANY amount of time playing" so please get that point. As far as being active, you seem judgemental that I'm either (1) not active to YOUR standards, or (2) you're clueless on how often/much I play. Are SOME HM Store items unreasonable high priced ? Yes, not all of them though. If a lvl 50 HM X gets their butt whipped by a much lower level, just goes to show that other players were carrying that person all along. NOt all people play 8+ hours and NO I'm not saying they don't have a life so qu
  2. This game is like fishing. Dangle enticing bait and watch who gets hooked. Honestly I tried the Corallite stuff twice and decided I wasn't really interested. As far as this game being "P2W", how so ??? Premium players get a slight discount on the glitzy "bling" , I haven't seen anything in the store that gives an advantage at all. Yeah I go for the "costume" bait hook line and sinker and of course backpacks for all the junk. Every game I hear people whine "this game is P2W" please quit crying wolf because no one is buying that line anymore. Sorry but it's true
  3. Dear Nc$oft I know this may be a radical idea, but how about doing something to attract NEW players instead of nickle and dime-in the current player base. Example To transfer a costume to another character (while this maybe "cheap" take the number of servers and the number of players who do that) is petty way to make cash for Nc$oft. Aren't you raking in enough cash with all the Premium players and costume buyers ???? Appearance and name change are way over priced to the point of being Ludicrous. Maybe a random bonus item perhaps to attract new players or heaven for
  4. Unfortunately this game is so outta balance, the bidding for treasure is just plain BS the only chances you have of getting anything that helps is either: 1) a party of 50s that leave before the auction or 2) Lower level characters than you, unless they hit a gold seller. If it's a mixed lvl party pretty much count on running the dungeon several times and pray. Then there's the A-holez that bid up stuff, wait for you to take the bait then leave party, they can afford to lose 5 gold or more just to troll. As far as content I've yet to ever find a game that wasn't buggy with new
  5. I don't know about anyone else, but every time I've tried to submit a trouble ticket I keep getting "OOppppp something went wrong on our side, try again in a few minutes" Wailing 10 minutes or 10 hours makes NO difference, I get the same "Blue screen of server death" ALWAYS. I'm still having issues trying to set a "profile picture", by their instructions and I've gotten 0% response or any resolution of the problem. Also the juvenile blocking of players being able to upload pictures ,non-offensive ones, is pathetic. How about just adding the option for someone viewing the profile
  6. Thanks for the info, haven't been online for a while so took a while to reply. I wanted to know so if I could, I'd put points into those "combos" or not.
  7. Please point out the Hostility part. If anyone was Hostile and Salty, YOU definitively came across as that. I'm simply stating how I seen your "replies/posts". Question what do YOU consider "low lvl", from what I read of the original post was they didn't have the equipment your "low levels" possess. Like the old commercial " Do you wanna make extra money ??? Of course we all do..." pretty much sums up the core of what the issue is or at least what it's was meant to be. for the people who take care of their responsibilities in life (work, children, university) I applaud, However
  8. OK, someone has probably asked this, but what is the name of the Skill that resembles Cloud Strifes' in FF7. The slashes in mid-air ?? The one Launch the target and slicen dice them in air. No one in game seems to agree on what it's name is.
  9. Zuzu, at lvl 32 I don't have True Pirate/Siren gear for your information, and probably some others don't either (notice I didn't generalize). The fact that a huge number of players working and etc.. that are doing well in the game is great. Honestly some (like me) are horrible at time management or just don't know the "insider tricks" (just coining a phrase) on making game money. "Walk a thousand miles in a mans moccasins(or shoes) before you criticize them"-- old Native American saying. Yes I've seen the lvl 45 in 15 game hours video I just don't care to follow it. Also I'm in no RUSH to
  10. *BS* Card ??? O o It's nice that you're progressing (not being sarcastic) , so are some of the others slowly or extremely slow. First off are you in a Large clan or a Solo player ? That affects your game "income". Also in Faction chat all I hear is "so and so isn't carrying their weight in the Clan or Faction", for some this isn't a damn competition , but a GAME to have fun and leave the *BS* of the world for a few hours. As far as "If you weren't playing this game you'd be playing something else" is obvious so please don't think that it makes any validity.PS4s, XBOX 1s, wouldn't be selling
  11. First off others can't spend 6-18 hours a day playing, some people have to work or university. Others like me are just casual players or have multiple characters.. Unless you're backed by a Guild that has fanatical players, you can't afford stuff. Even crafting just makes enough to keep my characters "heads above the water", doing dailies hasn't helped much either. Selling the stuff peepz need to "move on and up" in game, thru the Hongmoon store just makes this game Pay2W or play. As far as claiming "oh well expect that since the bots are gone" is pure Idiotic reasoning, the games ec
  12. Classes that I'd LOVE to see 1) WHip Sword master (Like IVY in that one fighting game). 2) SHrine Maiden Type ie.. Uses a big honking spear or whatever Momiji uses in DoA. Archers IMHO would be a better idea than gunners, lets keep Soha Unique (Soha Fan CLub) !!! I've got something I'd like to get started "What NEW CLASS" would you like to see ??? (serious and not so serious ) ideas welcome. Maybe a "Lizard" type race.. who knows...
  13. Damn scary...not as scary as clowns, but scary as hell. (Just BSing ya, no insult intended).
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