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    Hi everyone, I'm planning to return as well, and this time I'm bringing a friend with me. We're gonna start from zero, and since none of us have gold saved up (I only have 20 gold from back when I was playing), I was wondering: what's the best way to make money now if you're new to the game? I used to make coin with Merry Potters but I suppose that's not an alternative now. My old characters are at 521 AP (Summoner) and 467 (BM), can I still farm anything on them? Thanks!
  2. Save the file by clicking File then Save. Once saved, copy the file back to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc and replace the existing file if prompted. Once completed, start your game again by double clicking the game shortcut on your Desktop. Please note: This is only a temporary workaround and you will have to remove this line once the issue has been resolved. DO NOT FORGET TO MAKE A BACKUP OF THE FILE PLS :P gl I did that and also rebooted my computer and modem together and it seems to have fixed the problem. Thanks!
  3. I can't get online, I get this message: Is anyone else having this? Figures this would happen after redeeming my free premium membership >.> I thought I should come ask here first before submitting a ticket in case this is a mass problem...
  4. Thanks guys, that was very helpful! Now I just gotta watch a bunch of youtube videos to learn =P Have a good day!
  5. Character Profile Photo

    Mine is not working at all, it fails everytime.
  6. Working as intended?

    Lol that song though
  7. Hey guys! I've been away for a few months and a lot of content has been added. I've been looking for a spreadsheet or something with the new dailies but I haven't found anything that's up to date. 1. What's the new daily "cycle" nowadays? Which dungeons/places people do everyday that gives you a good amount of coins? Any links or whatever have you, would be awesome. And usually these new dungeons require how much AP to get in a squad? 2. Do people still run Bloodshade Harbor and Blackram Supply chain? Because I saw someone saying the old blue dungeons are pretty much solo grounds now with the new content and stuff and I haven't been able to find squad for those either, so. My server is sort of dead so I can't really tell for sure what people do or don't. 3. I've been discussing this with my clan earlier today regarding gear upgrade: when I stopped playing my stuff was pretty much Siren stage, so today I wanted to upgrade them and I noticed my weapon jumped straight to Oathbreaker from True Siren (I think? I forgot the name), but wasn't it supposed to be Pirate first or something? Because I even saved some purple pirate stuff in my vault because I thought they would be needed like Siren stage. And what about the accessories, should I keep upgrading them from Awakened Siren or are there new purple accessories that I can upgrade from their stage directly, therefore somehow spending less? I don't know if this makes any sense, but it got me thinking because I've spent around 500g or so today with upgrades (I know it gets even more expensive) and I just wanna know if I'm doing it right or if I'm missing out on something that could've spared me a few coins. 4. I already have the diamond gem that gives you AP, is there another gem of another color/type that gives you a similar amount of AP? I've been upgrading today and all but my attack power is still stuck at 455, and I'm pretty much still wearing Mushin's soulshield set too, so given my current amount of AP and stuff, what else do I need to work on to increase that? Sorry for the lengthy post! Thank you for any help =)
  8. I have been playing since yesterday and I did notice a few small improvements. For starters it wasn't DCing or crashing every 15 minutes, in fact it only stopped responding a few minutes ago when I teleported and I guess that's my PCs fault, not the Client's. However, the FPS stuttering is still going on. Not as much as I recall, but it still does happen, specially when engaging in combat. The loading screens don't take forever so much now, it's noticeably faster. The economy isn't as sucky from what I can tell right now. And something that has never happened before happened too: people were actually nice to each other and actually chatty on faction chat, and very helpful as well. I even got a freebie at some point! Still, I do hope it improves way more performance-wise, as for right now to me (a person who doesn't have an overkill PC or whatever) it's somewhat playable for casuals like me. I somewhat agree with you to a certain point. It's true no game is perfect and every game has its flaws. My first MMORPG ever was Perfect World and that game to me was perfect in every way back in the day (lol I sound so old), I simply loved it, met great people, had tons of fun. After they started shoving in crappy updates, OP classes and OP gear, the game died and now only rude truck drivers willing to spend their weekly income on their characters are playing the game and making the company rich. I've met people who would spend 500+ dollars every week or so to buy lucky packs and whatnot, and they would rule and ruin the in-game economy so no F2P could keep up. The rich only get richer in the game, and the ones that can't keep up are bound to either swipe their credit cards as well or quit. So, my point with all that is: I totally agree with you about the flaws. Don't get me wrong, I like how NCSoft is handling BnS economy/cash-shopping/F2P wise, I have absolutely NO complaints when it comes to anything other than the performance glitches and their dull/ctrl+v support replies. And I do understand these things are bound to happen sometimes, specially if the game is "new" to us and that it has been out for 5 months only. I didn't quit out of hate, I quit because it was impossible to play performance wise. Like I said, I love the game so that's why I started this thread and reinstalled it, but the crashing/DCs/FPS drop was making it literally impossible to play. I don't want BnS to end up like Perfect World, it's the first game I've truly waited for years (ever since it launched in KR) so I'm being patient when it comes to waiting for a fix or whatnot. I could just rebel and rage against NCsoft like everyone else claiming they don't do anything (although it does feel like it sometimes), but I understand. I could just quit for real and find myself a new game, but I like this one, and I'm willing to wait if it eventually gets a fix, but as for supporting it while it's this "bad" for some people... that's another story. Sorry for the lengthy reply, I just wanted you to get the right idea.
  9. Wow so far looks like they haven't done much other than a few tweaks and content, huh? Well, I'm reinstalling BnS in hopes that I'll be able to move for an hour without crashing every 10 minutes.
  10. Hi everyone! This is not a QQ or hating on BnS thread. Back when I was still playing BnS, the game was quite bad server/client wise for some people, specially for those using AMD stuff from what I could tell when it came to game performance. Too many random DCs, bots everywhere (mainly in the arena), crashing randomly, FPS stuttering, economy crashing (which is the least of the concerns, it is bound to happen after all), all that. I actually like the game a lot, but I was forced to quit because I just couldn't take it anymore having to pretty much re-do half of the dailies everyday, and the support team is pretty much just a bunch of people CTRL+V'ing every reply (no offense here, but it certainly feels like it). I'm from Soha server, and the server was pretty much dead already too by the time I left. How are the other servers like Mushin and such? Still crowded? Has anything improved these past 3 to 4 months? Or is there any sort of fix out there now that I'm not aware of? (I've pretty much tried everything available at the time before I quit) I really, really wanna play the Soulfighter when it comes out just like I wanted to play the Warlock, but with all the issues me and some other people were having it was just impossible to stay. Thank you, and have a great day!
  11. Hmmm I see. That's odd, though, now that you mentioned SS, I can't use it in the arena for some reason. No matter what I do, even if I have no debuff on me, it won't work even if I press SS nonstop. I'll be checking your suggestions, though. Thanks a lot! =)
  12. @beowolf Thank you so much for sparing some time to read all of that. What you said makes a lot of sense and I was not considering a lot of things, such as using Bomb and flicking Sins out of stealth. But I still think FMs will be my biggest challenge. The only problem, too, is that sometimes I can't grasp them, I use grasping roots but it still doesn't hold them, and I have noticed that it happens against summoners as well: they can easily root me on the ground, and for quite some time actually, but when I do it, it doesn't work most of the time. Would you know exactly which Grasping Roots "version" should I use? I'm using one that says it does grasp, but not AoE, just single target, yet it doesn't grasp opponents a lot of times when it should (the version I'm using requires 3 skill points, should I downgrade it to the AoE one that requires only 2 points?)
  13. [VIDEO] Botter/hacker on arena 1 vs 1

    Whoa. Now I'm starting to wonder if that has happened to me while dueling someone, because I seriously cannot understand how some players get so much "resisting" to everything I try >.> But then again, I'm still a newbie on PvP, so I wouldn't know.