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  1. I so relate. But it's not everyone, I guess. Like yesterday, I only needed Poharan left for my 24-man and this girl actually hopped between channels to help me find where she'd spawn sooner. It was really sweet of her. I'll say, however, this kind of behavior in this game (or even replying to you when you ask someone a question) is like finding a diamond. I'm not trying to be rude or anything towards anybody, but to me it seems to me that the great majority in this game is just plain self-absorved. I know, most online games do come with this kind of behavior but for some reason Blade & Sou
  2. Pinchy indeed sucks. I farmed around 35 essences yesterday to get the outfit for my FM and all I got was the hoodie. But yes, like people stated here, you need to deal more damage to get more essences, that's why I've been doing it on my summoner and passing the essences to my FM. Maybe you should wait a little until you get a little more power, and then come back? =)
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