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  1. Bored about queue times

    I have premium, and have never waited in que, also 400 premium member que is what, like 10 minutes tops. I don't understand how you plan to spend money on the games cosmetics but not a sub...this game also is only a week old, running on years of hype, of course there are going to be backed up lines.
  2. My char lvl roll back!

    All of my characters are fine.
  3. NA maintenance on EU servers? @_@

    You guys are un *cricket*ing real...first week of the launch and you guys expect everything to go without a hitch? Go outside, play another game, read a book ffs.
  4. They only said they added new servers as of yet, nothing about capacity.
  5. Missing Class? maybe or not?

    I'm not sure about a gunner class, I didn't watch too many videos as to not over hype myself. I do know that there is going to be a warlock sooner or later though.
  6. My queue # actually got increased over time....

    I payed 11 dollars, and have no que time, feelsgood.png
  7. What classes do you find the most fun?

    Destroyer followed by sin for me!
  8. blade and soul code of conduct and rules

    In game, push F10 to open up the store, select the third tab down on the far right of the menu, purchase the appropriate amount of coins for the duration of the sub you want, then purchase a sub from from the same F10 menu.
  9. Stop Nsoft with u strategy

    My previous statement still stands.
  10. The real problem with this game

    I understand your frustration, and honestly am quite surprised that the founders pack didn't come with some kind of sub.
  11. Stop Nsoft with u strategy

    It's also only been out for like 3 days.
  12. blade and soul code of conduct and rules

    Ahh, my bad. Was wondering how you would have missed that.
  13. The real problem with this game

    I get where you're coming from, I was disappointed in the que times at first as well. However, I had planned on subbing anyways, as this is a great game, and I don't mind supporting it. Hopefully something can be done for those who wish to experience this game freely, i.e. expanded servers, but until then man, it just is what it is. I don't think this was a money grab scenario (although many would disagree), I just think they messed up on server capacity predictions. Either way, I hope you enjoy the game however you should choose to enjoy it. :)
  14. What's the most popular class?

    I don't know what will win the poll, but I am really enjoying destroyer gameplay.