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  1. It took me 85 runs, but I did it before the update.
  2. System err 200 Authetication Failure

    Wanted to change channels by going back to charecter selection and got kicked, now this error pops up every time. Fun times, lets wait to hear about what *cricket*ed up this time.
  3. How do I endgame?

    So the PVP shield is the endgame soul shield? I was wondering about the Blackram soul shield set, is that any good?
  4. How do I endgame?

    That wasn't too helpful. I need a bit more advise on exactly what to do.
  5. How do I endgame?

    Help? Please?
  6. How do I endgame?

    Hello everyone, I recently hit 45 and completed the main quest. I'm a Force Master. I currently have the Sacrifice soulshield (Tomb of the Exile) And my next weapon upgrade is on the Orchird of Souls wheel of fortune (as in, I don't have it, nor do I have the money for it). What do I do now? The Blackram Supply chain dungeon is locked in the Cross-server dungeon and to begin with I only have around 15k HP. What do I do to get stronger? How do I endgame? I have things to do to keep the game fun for me, but I have no sense of direction on how to improve. I'd like to get more things done until the next update.
  7. I can't wait till I get to farm things I want, like costumes! At one point I really wanted the Red Specter outfit, so I decided to farm it, but I was very low level, I had to search for parties, and after 4 hours or so, I was only half done. I decided to move on. Then I wanted the Deva outfit, and I used around 30-80 spins (I didn't count), didn't get it, with around half a day of on and off farming, decided to move on. Then I wanted the Stinger outfit, I farmed Pinchy, and I decided that the costumes I currently have are terrible and I need something new or else I won't be motivated to move on with the game, after plenty of hours and a lot of unlucky spins, I ended up with no outfit and sadly moved on. But the main quest brought me back to Pinchy and in the spins that I got, I finally got it, was happy. But now I have to move on, to finally get my self leveled, so I don't feel guilty spending time farming costumes and achievements. I also got the Infermal outfit from the Tomb of the Exile, it only costed me 73 silver, which was nearly all my money. I hope it was worth the price, because I don't like it one bit. I suggest to suck it up and hit the level cap first, so you can farm things you like, guilt free. Because in the end, I did enjoy every bit of that farming process, I just knew I was way behind on my leveling and that this could have been easier latter on.
  8. I've read around a bit, and while I'm not going in to any arguments, I do have questions on what has changed. In the first post in the link it shows lingerie being changed in to what we have now. And I don't mind that, although it's a personal opinion, but what we have now made it slightly easier for me to create the character I wanted. But I also noticed the Asian version character is in different poses, was that changed too? Does our version have different character poses from the Asian version? What else are we missing out on?
  9. So much crap... not enough space....

    Funny thing but the only thing that I at one point didn't want to give more room is weapons and jewelry, which until you get a breakthrough or a evolution, just stockpile so you don't have to get them latter. I mean there are only two main healing items, instead of potions of varying restore levels. Keys and charms have two kinds because one of them is free and untradable (you get them for surveys and things like that, NOT farming or crafting or buying from the market). And other then that, there are very few things you actually need to keep. I know you might WANT to hoard things JUST IN CASE you might need them at some point in your life, but in reality the inventory provided for free got me so far to level 34 with no problems in sight.
  10. Master loot abused in Cross-server Dungeon

    I'd say this looks like abuse of a flaw in the system. Looting options are an amazing thing, the more the marrier, but you should not be able to change loot options unless at least 5/6 or 4/6 people agree with it. It's the game's fault for letting this happen.
  11. Just wanted to swim....

    See this guy? This guy doesn't block gold sellers, he uses them!
  12. Microtransactions?

    Games can no longer survive being free to play. If you will recall, when pay to play games were a thing, production value of free to play games was none existant, they all looked cheap and horrible. Now no one pays monthly fees because there are so many free to play high quality games, that for someone to pay for it, it has to be AMAZEBALLS. Best they can do now is pay once to play, but the server maintenance costs eventually would consume the game and shut it down.
  13. Microtransactions?

    I haven't checked too much of the shop, but from what I gathered, everything in the shop, once you reach max level (which can be REALLY fast for some people) is obtainable fast and easy. Or if you play casual as I do, you will not ever feel that you're lacking something.
  14. Everything is worth 1 copper

    I didn't mind the way you get money at first, because it didn't bother me, and I saw ways to get a little extra if I wanted to. But then I decided to go premium, and was very disappointed that as a Premium member you get money for killing mobs that give XP. And it's like 5-15 copper per monster (I got Premium at around level 25 though). so that REALLY pissed me off.
  15. Boosting loading times

    I know this, but my motherboard does not support that, so I'm stuck in the old ages, and to replace one thing, I have to replace everything, and currently I don't have money for that.