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  1. Hello guys, I wanna know why the support don't ban the gold sellers, it will decrease the queue
  2. for me bots are not argument there is many ways to counter them i agree with MadMage
  3. Catgravy, creating game it's not just to make money, it's something i think u still didn't understand, sometimes u can paint a house for free to make a "good action" wich can help u to go in paradise, in the video games u will not go in paradise (i dunno) but it help to make advertises attract the "real pro gamers", u can see WoW it worked for a time ohh ppl pay to play, but now they are loosing ppl, they tried to attract ppl to make a free access but it was late, i dunno if u understand my english it's my 3rd language, but i wanna tell you that to make money you need to attract ppl, they pay
  4. For the bots they can put some questions (when u log in or when u use the mail or farm or playing without talking to anyone) exemple: what's the kkt of f(x,y)=x²+y²-xy :p (something very simple) if not answet after "t" time he will be disconnected after "n" disco he will be baned for moment ez algo :p the mail is very helpful for exemple when u crafft soemthign and u wanna give it, u don't need to TP spend gold etc.. (and no need to talk about gold for the free account we are just... f***) bots are not arguments for me to block the mail for free accounts
  5. "They" hacked you, why you ? as said UrbanSavageZenith stop buying gold and u will not get hacked (it's just a supposition, i respect you and i don't judge you) the system is built anti-bot the items cost only 1 bronze also sometimes u don't need to download soemthing u can get hacked through ur rooter, as u know a bad persons("hackers") could steal some informations about BnS maybe they could get some IP it can be a reason (but i don't think) https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/413owu/server_and_class_distrubution_naeu/https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/413owu/
  6. Hello mate, i checked the benchmark of your CPU and graphic card Benchmark ur graph card http://imgur.com/4ixavSl benchmark ur cpu http://imgur.com/6D6iin8 as u can see it's not a pc to turn at 60fps and not a good pc for video games maybe for university working or somthin but not for games cuz of the graphic card + maybe u don't charge ur pc when u play that nerf ur pc to econom mod
  7. Oui rassure toi c'est normal les crash que tu as
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