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  1. Your maintenance time sux

    After reading some Twitter posts by the NA team it seems this extra maintenance is for their ''backend systems''. Not sure what that means but honestly, this isn't something we've had to endure before so even though I'm so very disappointed by the EIGHT hours of maintenance on Wednesday (starting at 4am CST instead of the usual 6am CST, btw - hope people read that) I know they wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't necessary. They probably shouldn't have called today's downtime scheduled weekly maintenance like they do for the actual weekly one, but ... *shrugs* Some of the other tweets mention an upcoming Event that will be announced soon, so it could be in preparation for this as well as system upkeep.
  2. Bugging Pet!!!!!

    I really wouldn't mind the option to dismiss the Familiar/Cat, or at the very least make it passive. Sometimes I would like to attack something WITHOUT sending the cat in. I know I can Beckon it back, but would make controlling target's a bit easier.
  3. Your maintenance time sux

    Was REALLY surprised to see there had been a maintenance downtime today and am very curious if 1)There will be another tomorrow, 2)If it IS just the one for this week will it go back to Wednesdays next week or is it now Tuesdays? Sadly, going by past maintenance notifications they usually post around 6-7pm CST Tuesday nights. So unless an NCSoft employee comments before then, we're just going to have to wait and see if another will be up tomorrow.
  4. Soul Stone Plains - Terror Boss

    I'm wondering this myself. I've tried just watching him but there is no set time, and it doesn't happen after a set attack it seems. If they really ARE like the other two Terrors back in Misty, the huge AoE *MIGHT* be avoidable if the tank often LEAVES melee range, forcing the boss to chain them back in which messes up/possibly starts over the Boss's Melee rotation. For those two, if the tank was constantly in melee range, that damned huge and painful aoe would go off all the time. ((Resetting the Terror's melee rotation is a proven way to deal with the Terrors in Misty; just not sure about the new ones.))
  5. I love this site. The daily amounts rewarded for newer content have been just a TAD off for me, but only by a few silver if that. Click on a daily when you're done to ''mark it off''.
  6. Transmute event item with crit?

    From what I have looked up and read so far... It seems that there is NOT yet an item in game that can be added to increase the success chance. Hopefully they're thinking of adding one soon!
  7. Small Dragon Certificate question?

    Small Dragon Certificate can currently be used as 'coin' with Zen Beans at Arena Coin Merchants to purchase a few different items, some of which are pouches of various numbers of Soulstones. I believe another use for them is for Clan Crafting, depending on what's being crafted.

    I have read quite a few people saying they are DOUBTING whether we will even be getting the Pirate Soul at all.
  9. about wheel of misfortune scam

    What are the boxes called? I'd like to see what they could possibly give. Beans is a plus, considering my SMN Sunflower Hongmoon ability can only be gotten by buying an item with 5000 zen beans.
  10. Valentines Event Question

    Sorry to double post, but wanted to point out that I just refreshed the Event announcement page and they changed the Gift box image from the one we were asking about to the one we actually have in game. Guess we're not getting those after all. EDIT: A bit of the ways down is the Showgirl outfit, apparently going into the store in two days so I believe the older image of the Gift box was decided against.
  11. Valentines Event Question

    I have the same question, because both Gift boxes contain very different items. I'd like to know how to obtain the Showgirl (and also if the 7 Days next to it means it really only lasts for one week).
  12. Scorpion or Cinderlands Soul Shield?

    In this game the Soul Shield is the equivalent of Gear/Armor in other MMO games. They are what enhances your choice stats such as 100% hit/accuracy, crit, crit damage, etc. ShockFactor is absolutely correct too - You don't have to equip an entire 8 piece set if you have other pieces that have better stats to offer. Just weigh what you'll be losing against what you'll be gaining. See if it's worth it to you.
  13. PSA: Don't Leave Your Group Behind

    YES, yes. Earlier today before maintenance I did Tomb of the Exile for the first time and while I was still running to the end boss two-three of the group started the last fight. I IMMEDIATELY died, one shot, even though I had only been running down a hallway. After releasing, the wall o' fire was between me and the final boss so all I could do was twiddle my thumbs and wait until he was dead. THANKFULLY, once he was dead I was still able to bid on the loot that dropped. However, when you die your weapon loses durability and I do hear that repair tools get scarce in the higher levels. Please, don't pull until everyone is there! (You can see on the map the markers for party members moving towards the group so if a player ISN'T moving for a bit, then of course go right ahead.)
  14. First!

    *hugs you* Don't be sad, we finally have our own sub-forum! *throws confetti*
  15. Gem Fragments grinding locations

    I too am interested to know this. The only way I can think how to get them at the moment is by randomly (at a very low percentage chance it seems) getting the triangular/square gem fragments from daily chests, transmuting them into a more-sided green quality gem (ex: triangular fragments go into making green square gems). Then Salvaging the green quality square gem you just made, and when you had enough make the next step up. Rinse and repeat. I hope this isn't the only way. D: