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  1. Blade and Soul: RNG Hell

    Friend, you dont played Diablo 2 and searched something on mephisto or baal or trying to make the xxx rune word and in thats times... nobody say a word about the drop.... ... you killed Valakas in lineage 1? Simple enought: "Work Harder"
  2. Destro spin 2 win strat is it fair?

    You have to wait until (he/she) consume all the mp... then, you can try
  3. Bot Report

    A great Friend recorded them... we expect punishment http://plays.tv/video/56abee0f3888584be7
  4. Petition to "Mark" or "Unmark"!

    Where? i just see this and a button where its say collapse quest log u.u
  5. Hello!! well i make a petition to bring us the system to mark or unmark quest on our window game. you know... sometimes is like a wall of text in the corner... so why not? Sry if i bother to some1
  6. Blade and Soul work with Windows 10?

    im playin' Blade And Soul with win10, so c'mon stop wastin' time my friend
  7. Support CLass?

    you can heal u'r party with a correct skill with an assassin... i dont care if they bring a healer... this is not warframe to this children who say Trinity to all :P kids this days....
  8. assassins bit too op?

    Haa touche!
  9. How much in gold are you willing to pay ?

    i dont know i have 5 silver :p
  10. WoW Vs. BnS

    wow this wow that.. wow was a shit... And not was the first mmo, and not was the best one either... kids these days.... wow wow wow... The hell with wow... this childrens talk about gaywow in a Star Wars Battlefront match pffff
  11. Design of B&S Launcher

  12. Design of B&S Launcher

    woooooo can i get one? they ban me if i use one of that?
  13. Friend.. the game is under Beta time... you should relax, smoke some weed and give some kisses to a teddy bear (maybe u marry him) dont be mad!
  14. HELP...

    Hi! If you have this problem now, is coz all the servers are under maintenance =) so.. you have to wait 2 hours until they finish Cya later my friend