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  1. Friend, you dont played Diablo 2 and searched something on mephisto or baal or trying to make the xxx rune word and in thats times... nobody say a word about the drop.... ... you killed Valakas in lineage 1? Simple enought: "Work Harder"
  2. You have to wait until (he/she) consume all the mp... then, you can try
  3. A great Friend recorded them... we expect punishment http://plays.tv/video/56abee0f3888584be7
  4. Where? i just see this and a button where its say collapse quest log u.u
  5. Hello!! well i make a petition to bring us the system to mark or unmark quest on our window game. you know... sometimes is like a wall of text in the corner... so why not? Sry if i bother to some1
  6. im playin' Blade And Soul with win10, so c'mon stop wastin' time my friend
  7. you can heal u'r party with a correct skill with an assassin... i dont care if they bring a healer... this is not warframe to this children who say Trinity to all :P kids this days....
  8. wow this wow that.. wow was a shit... And not was the first mmo, and not was the best one either... kids these days.... wow wow wow... The hell with wow... this childrens talk about gaywow in a Star Wars Battlefront match pffff
  9. woooooo can i get one? they ban me if i use one of that?
  10. Friend.. the game is under Beta time... you should relax, smoke some weed and give some kisses to a teddy bear (maybe u marry him) dont be mad!
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