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  1. "The game is based on the classes and the effort you put in the class and what you can achieve with it."

    there is no process descriped. If i have a skill level of 5 i can unlock 80% of summoners potential.

    If i have a skill level of 5 i can unlock 50% of a kfms potential.

    No process descriped here. No development.

    And if the game is fair its balanced on class potenial for the pros, and somewhat balanced on "skill as descriped here" for the majority of people.


    So 3 skillpoints makes it harder for other classes to beat summoner this is the difference. No one said he got unbeatable because of that. But it makes the effort for everyone else to beat it higher and because of this its wrong to say it makes NO difference. Beating summoner is allready hard enough. Oh why cant you understand that? Great you have other concerns, everyone has that. That doesnt mean focussing on the competitive part of the game is impossible.


  2. 6 minutes ago, Roxefeller said:

    No one cares about my wife? I care about my wife and I am most certainly someone. Someone you acknowledge? Probably not in any other case, nor do I care whether or not you acknowledge me as someone. However you did care to acknowledge me in this thread.


    Not once did I say I don't care about pvp. I said I don't care about my rank. I guess your reading comprehension level is that of a first grader in the midst of a temper-tantrum.

    Hm.. Let's analyze this real quick, "This game is based on the classes and the effort you put in the class and what you can achieve with it." This sounds a lot like the skill you develop with whichever class you're playing. Hm..... Need I say more?


    Also, those 3 skill points really don't make a difference because there's still players that beat Summoners consistently even with the exploit and as I already mentioned, this game's balance patches are based on the performance of top tier players in tournaments. Not the whiny low-tier players bitching about balance on the forums. NCwest is following the KR balance patches.


    And your interpretation level and understanding are those of a first grader of course you care about your wife, but why bring it in blade and soul forums lol?. My english is not the best, obviously not, its not my mother language. No i didnt talked about the skill you develop, again firstgrader level of understanding.

    You did link social status to your pvp rank, does that mean everyone above gold doesnt have a wife and a job? Or what was that agruement for?

    Yea you mentioned blancedpatches. The game as it is now was never like this in korea, we have blance patches for lvl50 content. first level grader level of understanding! And first grader level of arguements, like insults, social status = pvprank, more insults. Your wife must be a dragon if you have to insult on forums just like this (thats your niveaulevel or argumentation).

  3. 6 hours ago, Roxefeller said:

    and you REALLY think that Summoner's being able to bug a skill to give their pet extra HP makes that much of a difference? News flash, no it doesn't. If you can't beat a summoner, you can't beat a summoner. Either you're the type to practice and find out how to beat them, give up and accept that you can't beat them or waste time on forums bitching about balance. Which one are you? I've also played CN/TW versions of BnS for a couple years, played alpha, played beta. I'm not new to it either. The only "broken" aspect of a summoner is being able to hide behind their cat's target box (even still there are ways to overcome this). Yeah, I don't care to focus on arenas because I have a job, I have a wife and other things that are more of a priority than a silly pvp icon/rank. What's your point? You must be so hardcore. You go all-out because that little icon next to your name (or rank, whichever type you are) means everything, doesn't it? It justifies your existence. It's okay, I won't take that away from you.. but don't doubt my knowledge/experience because I sit at a rank that I don't care to take any further. I have friends in Plat/Diamond and we spar frequently. Summoners, Destroyers, Blade Dancers alike. They don't always beat me and I don't always beat them. Blade & Soul's pvp is based on skill. Nothing more, nothing less. Guess what factor(s) KR B&S takes into account when they make balance patches? The performance of these pro-like players in tournaments. Not the whining/speculation of the lower-ranked players.


    Who are you to rate others interests in the game? No one cares about your wife. You should leave those details out here, especially if you try put yourself over others. You know it sounds so desperate to justify your poor pvp rank with that kind of argument, if you dont care about pvp leave the pvp disscussion to people who actually care.

    So you say summoner gets 3 Skillpoints more doesnt make any difference? Thats not true it actually does make a difference.

    The game is based on skill? LOL. The game is based on the classes. And there is always the effort you put in the class and what you can achieve with it. So what does your phrase "its based on skill" tell us? Yea nothing. Emtpy phrase completly useless like all your arguements.

  4. On 11.2.2016 at 10:07 PM, ZilPui said:

    All those numbers mean are the trends of the population not level of power.

    On my destroyer i got like 90/10 chance to win against summoners.

    On my BD its like 70/30.

    On my SIN its like 60/40 against summoners.

    If the class has bad matchups how can it be OP?


    The problem is that summoner is super easy to learn how to use well, while other classes take some time to get used to. Thats why you see so many summoners around, people are simply not willing to learn harder classes.


    Later down the road we will see increase of destroyers in rankings cuz people will want to counter summoners, when destroyer becomes most popular there will be an increase in KFM/BM. Thats just how it goes.


    Id like to know which ranking you play on. As summoner i consider BD as food. Good assassins are much harder.

    I look at the top10 on my server. 4 Summoner. 1 Assassin no Bladedancer. Yes bad matchups against sins and bd in the topranking.

    Ah yea and just saying.

    Trends of population yes thats right.

    You know what? There is no one rerolling to a weak class. There is no one rerolling to BM. Why do you think the trend is to play summoner? Because people like to win.

  5. Ex WoW guy complains about this games pvp

    But likes its pve?


    This is weird. Imo there is only shitty pve content and the game seems to build arounds its arena pvp.

    Maybe your just playing the wrong game. Better go back to world of warcraft and pay blizzard the 12bucks for "beeing allowed to play their TOPgame" with no patches. This is not wow, and this means, the game will not give you everything you like with no effort.

  6. The only thing i consider op about him is the healing.

    Iam playing lbm and summoner.

    As Lynblademaster you cant outdmg him. The heals are to strong combined with the stalltechniques the class has. This is why hes countered so hard by destro and kfm, because those bascially 100-0 him, and if they cant he will just heal up. The cat heals for 30% in 18 seconds while it has 8seconds invulnarable. The summoner can leech 20% of the hp every 24 seconds.

    And if you play against summoner you have to do a lot of things right, dealing dmg to both, roll out of ALL KD if you dont cat sit on your face + sunflower takes tons of hp away and yea, no pressure means hes healing up again.... You have to be carefull while you grap him or the cat will knock you down. You are forced to take specific less dmg air combos or the cat will knock you down. You are not allowed to hit dandelion or he wil reset cds and stall more till heals up. Cat can be E'ed midair when its thrown with X. Targeting system will screw you when he sits on his unconsious pet.

  7. 17 hours ago, KamijoTouma said:

    There were no "2 shotting people" after the introduction of resilience.

    And because WOW has healing classes, so big damage is allowed.

    the longest stun is 6 sec. In BnS, it can be 10sec-20sec if you don't have an escape, or play poorly.

    WoW has something called "diminishing return", makes the duration of the next same-type control skill half the time. BnS doesnt have this, so stunned-to-death is common.

    And WoW's focus is more on PVE. And even for PVP, 1v1 is never the main thing, not even 2v2. Only 3v3 abd 5v5's rating is counted. Because the designers know that 1v1 and 2v2 can never be really balanced.

    However, BnS is a PVP oriented game which mainly focuses on 1v1. Therefore the balance between classes is the most most important thing in this game. But they are doing poorly on this.

    Theoretically, speaking of 1v1, BnS should be more balanced than WoW. But it is not. 


    Just as you said it was possible before resilence.

    Healing Classes are somewhat op in arena, because they are designed to easy outheal a damagedealer. And there is no more big dmg after resilence, you said it yourself^^ This is why the game need an automatic stacking healingdebuff LOL!

    Yes the longest stun is 9 seconds if they skill it isnt it?

    Yes diminishing returns... 10sec sheep into 6sec sheep into  10sec blind into 10sec sap into sheep ... Have you even played arena??? Cyclone 10sec into icetrap ... and so on. Diminishing returns just changed latly in WOD but iam sure there are still those ridicoulous combos.

    BNS has IFRAMS SS Q E there is a lot to prevent it. If your stunned to death your bad at preventing it. In WoW you cant or rarly can prevent it you have to use one of your CDS to get out.

    BNS has every class in the top 50. Like every class. The difficulty is different so you need different effort with different classes, but thats no secret. If you want easy mode you can play easy mode, if you dont care you play hard mode. 'Check out how WOW ranking is dominated by a few classes, only a single priest in top50, very balanced... basically druide shaman and mage are in the top 50s.

    Yes WOW is pve oriented and thats why its pvp is freakin bad.

  8. 15 hours ago, KamijoTouma said:

    I am a 9-year WOW player. clearly WOW is more fun and more balanced. At least you can basically move freely in arena, and hit the target. In BnS, 50% of the time you are controlled and 70% skills are resisted, parried, dodged, etc. And more importantly, a rogue cant keep stealth for 90% of the time in a fight!


    If you wanna talk about World of Warcraft PvP and its CC I cant tell how it is right now because i dont play WoD.

    But i played every addon including classic atleast for a few months.

    PVP varied alot depending on the addon

    And world of warcraft had its stunlocks, your character couldnt move and you died without beeing able to do anything.

    World of Warcraft had 2 shotting people

    World of Warcraft had/has 20seconds CC chains making you watch instead of play.

    World of Warcraft has pillars which basically *cricket*ed mages in previous addons

    It had ridiculous overpowerd druides, when the Thornbuff was still there and rogues died on it while the druid was unkillable due to his hots.

    And the most important point big equipmentdifferences which make yourself autoloose to some people.

    Iam sure there was a lot more bullshit i just forgott.



  9. 18 hours ago, Asildriez said:

    Unless you played this game in another region you are no more experienced than me or anyone else. The game isn't even a month old for NA and EU regions and you are calling out people on lack of experience? Get real if you want some experience then send me your ign and lets spar.

    Ill do have played the game in another region.


  10. Ratings havent settled yet so its harder to climb right now.

    i was 1900 cakewalk before now iam @ 1750

    I dont see why you should have more problems with summoners after patch, the heal hasnt changed.


  11. 28 minutes ago, Asildriez said:
    21 minutes ago, psychomachia said:


    And BNS pvp is not? lol... bad example



    BnS is not in the same way as wow is.

    BnS has more reaktion based gameplay, like countermechanics, iframes, dodgeskills, Skillshots, Blinds, Stealth works different.

    World of Warcraft is simply chaining CC of different classes to take someone out for like 20 seconds.


    Seems like you are kinda inexpierienced but still try to discuss.

  12. Summoner has plenty of CC

    Best Selfheal ingame

    Only class which can break out of stuns with trinket on CD due to cat.

    ridiculous dmg if enemys is pinned due to sunflower anicancel and enemy -50% defense

    cat acts as meatshield due to *cricket*ed up aiming system


    What is commonly know to counter him? Yea super burst from 100-0 lol because otherwise he can stall and heal up.

    i can tell because i rerolled one.

  13. 1 hour ago, LaVersus said:

    bestimmt nen beschwoere destro oder LBM ;)


    Bestimmt hast du deine Klasse gepicked alla "Ich spiel was schweres" und nu weinst du weil nix geht.

    Wenn dir verlieren keinen Spaß macht und du zu schlecht bist gegen einen Großteil der Summoner zu gewinnen Reroll einen.

    Ich hab überhaupt nichts gegen Kritik, nur so Kinderargumentationen sind lächerlich. Kein Summoner facerollt mit level 29 in diamant rein.

    Dass die Meinung einer Mehrheit einen Fakt wiederspiegelt ist genauso Fakt wie fliegende Schweine.

    Wenn NC Soft Arbeiter so nen Müll lesen fassen die sich höchstens kurz an den Kopf und vergessen den Thread.

  14. Dealing with assassin in stealth:

    Skill E to make it pull and knock down

    Skill V to set a bomb which knocks down

    If they attack cat: Q

    If they attack you: 4

    Try 2/RMB if you see them in stealth, which isnt hard when they start attack with that lighning stuff.


    Forcemaster: use Petalstorm on range to nuke, if they kick you out go 4 and Q wait for CD, use your cat CC between petal storms. Double S gets you out of root. dont hit ice.


    have you even played more then 10 matches? I recommend: start reading through all your skills....