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  1. 29 minutes ago, MelodyOfWings said:

    We all know that that changes at endgame... and endgame is the only thing that matters.... Right now, only pvp is rewarding at endgame... that should not be the case.

    Ok i call that unfair!

    Because leveling is an aspect of the game that should be more rewarding! Unfair because i dont want it!

    Yea bro, thats your arguementation strategy! Sounds like a childs cry doesnt it?

    And i doubt that pve isnt rewarding at all, thats just a lie. Wait i cant obtain all customes trough pvp!? Unfair! i feel so forced to pve!

    Wait there are alot more chests in pve where i can get hongmoon coins!? UNFAIR!

  2. They can. But they dont care about the pve folks because the core is pvp. Its meant to be more rewarding. Yes iam a pvper and i played the game exactly because of this. There are rarely any good pvp alternatives. While for pve, go for world of warcraft.

  3. 5 minutes ago, MelodyOfWings said:

    Its the principal for me... Developers making a gamer do something they dont want to do is unfair to the gamer... I spent my time to get a 4 year degree in game development to better understand games and design... And what i see in front of me is a bad design that will no undoubtedly spawn a very elitists society where only the top 20% of players will advance in the game... while the bottom 80% will be stuck trying to play catch up because they cannot afford the materials or soul stones... This game needs to be rewarding for all players... pvpers and pvers.... and as it is right now, its only rewarding the PVP side, Which again, is very unfair to pvers.

    Dude you cant make it right for everyone. Why is it not fair? Your kinda like a child. Your from World of Warcraft where you can get everything for free. But this isnt World of warcraft stop crying now.


  4. 23 minutes ago, MelodyOfWings said:

    You are failing to see the issue tho... it is still forcing players to enter into arena in order to obtain it.... even if they dont have to do anything, or they can afk to get it... It still forces pvp onto people who would rather be pveing... A developer cannot force a person to pvp, its unjustifiied... and to lock something behind a pvp wall, thats almost like locking something behind a paywall... its a dick move on the developers part and will cause a lot of anger.

    people are forced to pve too.

    Leveling... You say do pvp for leveling? Its way slower + harder to fight with 20 skillpoints less.

    its faster to get 5k zen beans than from 1 to 45.

    stop crying you are not forced to go into the arena. we can trade. ill do 5k beans for yu and you level my assassin from 40-45 i would ALWAYS TRADE! (:

  5. Thats true. And maybe the game fails because of that. But honestly, why dont you go for world of warcraft? Imo it has the best pve content there is out of all mmorpgs.

    And another point, the pve content in this game wont satisfy people and make em play for long. The pve par of the community will leave in a few weeks anyway when daylies getting boring. I cant wait for the forum threads demanding more content.

  6. 1 hour ago, MelodyOfWings said:

    First off No, this game is NOT built around pvp otherwise it would be like every other PVP oriented game where there is no Single player PVE aspect. 

    Second, You call this game balanced? You are more disillusion than most people here.

    3rd... Level has nothing to do with the Arena... And claiming to have gotten gold with Bladedancer and Summoner doesnt make you look cool, it just makes you cliche.

    4th, The game should reward both skill and Time investment... Not every person under the sun likes to pvp... and people who dont like to pvp are being punished by the developers. 


    You need to look at things from both perspectives before attempting to shoot down someone else opinions, You like to pvp... good for you... Now go pvp... but peopke who dont like to pvp deserve to be rewarded for their play time too. 

    The Game is made for tournaments, so it gets balanced around this content. What is your arguement besides "no its not"? Ah yea, like Guild wars which is totally not a pvp game with totally no singleplayer pve content... lol

    no game is perfectly balanced. This game is balanced about class potential. Is it fair? No. Can every class get in the top 10? Yes. Check all ranking. Again What is your arguement besides "no its not"?

    Level has nothing to do with arena? So skillpoints arent nessessary? If this is what you believe you might need a better understanding for the game. Skillbuilds does matter alot. This is why good players spec differently against each class. So whats your arguement here besides "no it doesnt matter"?

    The game does reward skill and timeinvest. If you dont like pvp, dont play pvp. No one forces you to do so. Not event the game does. You can play and clear all pve content effectivley without the pvp hongmoon skill. BTW you dont need to be skilled to get it you just need to invest enough time, just as you demanded. Ofc you cant expect to get everything you like without doing pvp. Again this is not blizzard who babysits every baby which is crying for something.


    Dude everything i read in your comment are childish demands and unknowingness.

  7. 2 minutes ago, Valiant said:

    1- Since we talking about BD and Destroyer , Destroyer got 1 *cricket*ing escape only from grabs not like other classes and that why I say BD *cricket* him easily.

    2. I know nad I tried it yesterday it seem like it get bugged and reset every moment they move around while holding you.

    3.Well most of BD I face used skill point into they grab to extend their 6 second grab.


    Do you even know how it works? I guess not

    For gods sake try to understand the mechanics before you complain about them.

  8. Just now, Valiant said:

    Easiest grab skills to counter, Go try to counter *cricket*ing skills while they hold you up and keep moving.


    the *cricket*ing counter skill doesn't even work  cause they keep moving, I going to record that and show you -.-

    wtf are you talking about? It works every time! Wait till the blade appears behind their neck -> press reversal. If you cant do that youll never win against BD because the following combo takes away 50% of you hp.

    Using this skill is high risk high reward for the bd.

  9. 21 hours ago, Yugen29 said:

    Hallo zusammen,

    Ich (Nachtklinge lvl 42) hatte schon immer die größten Probleme im Kampf gegen Beschwörer. Gegen keine andere Klasse habe ich im PvP solche Schwierigkeiten.

    Die Lyn sind so klein wie ihre Tiere und wenn man dann mal angreift, trifft man auch fast nur die Tiere, weil man sie nicht mal optisch auseinander halten kann und den aim auch nicht fixieren kann. Zudem spammen die mich immer voll und ich komme kaum an die ran.

    Natürlich hat jede Klasse ihre Stärken und Schwächen im PvP. Aber bei keiner ist das so krass bei mir, wie gegen Beschwörer. 9/10 Kämpfen verliere ich!

    Ich bin jetzt nicht der beste im PvP(bevor ich als Noob beschimpft werde) aber auch nicht der schlechteste.

    Damit ich in Zukunft überhaupt Chancen habe gegen die Klasse, wollte ich nach Tipps fragen?

    Wie kann/soll man ran gehen?
    Meine Taktiken versagen :/





    sehr guter guide.

  10. 23 hours ago, Valiant said:

    And I want to point out that blade dander soul stab, blade of storm cast "Instantly " Which mean it really hard to time yourself to counter them special that I don't even know how soul stab work or hit me.


    Infact Blade dancer effect on grab don't show to me due the fact blade dancer is very small and cast very fast his skill otherwise I always counter Destroyer on their grab due to the size of their hit able to see and most of his skills take lonnnnng time to cast.

    Noob confirmed. Soul stab is the easiest grap skill to counter in the entire game.

  11. On 17.2.2016 at 2:49 AM, MelodyOfWings said:

    Whoever thought it would be a good idea to make PVP basically a necessity to advance really needs to rethink their approch to games. Forcing players to pvp in order to grow stronger is 1) unfair to players who dont like pvp and 2) Broken beyond a doubt in favor of the broken classes. 


    For example.. Summoners are swiming in soul stones because they are broken, while people like me, who cant break into gold because of the number of BS things in this game are stuck with nothing. Either fix the classes/Rank system... or the Rank req for soulstones pouches and royal zenbean, thats the only way to make this game fair for all people... Making something pvp requires is a bad idea in any game because it turns off players who are new to endgame and dont like to pvp that much. Having rewards for pvp is fine, but making them items needed to advance is unfair.


    Just as a thought.... Blade and Soul is unworthy of the Title of "Esports" because of the lack of balancing in the arena... when 70% of your ranked players are summoners.... maybe you should consider that.

    Its now World of Hello Kitty

    Its Blade and Soul, Core isnt pve its pvp

    Game isnt balanced around pve like your world of warcraft

    its balanced around pvp. You dont like pvp? Wrong game.

    If you cant break into gold, sry, but then bro you suck. I broke into gold with my level 33 assassin. I broke into Gold with my 38 something blade dancer and i also broke into platin with my lvl 43 summoner pre season. If you cant break into gold with max level you suck.

    The good thing is at this point its so easy for you to improve. Start reading your skills and do some matches. If you feel you have problems with specific setups read a guide there are plenty. Then you can easylie break into gold...

    Game rewards skill more then timeinvest.

    World of Warcraft rewards timeinvest more than skill.

    Decide what you like more.

  12. 1 hour ago, fhoeng said:

    sigh... for the love of RNGesus, p2w only apply if there is something u can get ONLY ONLY ONLY if you pay real money.


    Thats just not true.

    If i can get an big advantage for which you have to farm like 2 months and i get a high rank in the season because i have this advantage i got the rank due to money spend its p2w. Basically its p2w, the question is how much p2w is it. How big is the advantage you can get. Only because it theoretically possible to get something trough farm doesnt removes the p2w aspect.

    In this game, imo, the advantage is small. PvE content is easy enough to be farmed up after 2 weeks of upgrading gear. Gold will inflate a bit, but who knows how much it will.

  13. 2 hours ago, TaehyungV said:

    At OP ur barely gold and ur complaining about summoners? Lol ok, do u even stunlock, u know u can literally just kick the cat unconcious, swap spots with summoner, stealth and 100-0 the summoner...

    Well, if you use the unconsious skill you loose stealth poke

    You have to bait trinket first or summoner will just run to cat and sit on its face.

    There is a lot which can go wrong till you pull this

  14. 6 hours ago, Drayos1992 said:

    As far as i can speaking to most streamers the summoner is only faceroll easy during low brackets, and get harder against more skilled players, considering assassins can actually abuse their class to just win via having more hp when the timer runs out i dont think realistically you should complain 

    Top 10, 5Summoners. Lowbracket?

  15. Summoner hat meisten Heal ingame kombiniert mit haufenweise stall skills. Mit den stärksten Burst wenn die katze auf dem gesicht sitzt, was übringens verbugged ist manchmal kann man raustabben manchmal nicht, cancel defensive skills sollte den tab escape NICHT beeinflussen. Die einzige Klasse die Combos unterbrechen kann MIT TAB AUF CD. Die Klasse kann als einzige das targeting system so abusen das CC skills oft das falsche Ziel treffen (Fernkampfklasse mit dauerhaften meatshield). Pawbug gibt ihr 3 Skillpunkte mehr als anderen klassen.


    KFM und Destro countern die klasse. Warum? Weil 100-0 combos. Wäre dem nicht so könnte sich der Sum einfach wieder hochheilen. quasi in 1min von 20 auf 100% mit 3x flower und ~3x20% heal durch cat.


    Macht das die Klasse unbesiegbar? Nein, sicher jede Klasse kan Summoner besiegen man muss nur perfekt spielen. Jeden KD rollen weil man sonst quasi tod ist, gleichzeitig genug Druck auf den Summoner machen damit er auch mal irgendwann stirbt, am besten nebenher auch noch auf die Katze damit er sich nicht ewig heilen kann. Man muss während den Combos noch darauf achten weg zu ss'en damit die Katze einen nicht unterbricht, was übrigens trozdem passieren kann. Sein Dandelion nicht auslösen weil man sonst quasi jeglichen Druck den man aufgebaut hat wieder rausnimmt. Auf die Bodeneffekte achten weil man sonst von der Katze CC wird was wieder im Tod endet.



  16. Theres black desert coming isnt it? But to be honest, hacks, inbalance, spambots, bots there is no mmo, and especially no new mmo without those problems. Just look at the most succsessfull mmoprg on the market. Its there for how long? 11 years? Has it solved all those problems? No it does not. New Hacks will appear, new glitches and bugs will be found. New bots will be invented. There is no stopping it, they can only try to fight it. Its like crime, you cant stop it you can only fight it.

  17. 2 minutes ago, Cetra said:

    PvE in this game is a P2W Glory hole, the only thing this game has 'maybe' going for it is arena and even that is getting crapped on.  Too many Summoners, the balance is absolute trash until 50 and we have to wait far to long for that.  Gee, I wonder where all of this drama is leading, never seen a game have problems like this before lol.. ;)


    I have: Basically ever mmo there is/was.

  18. 1 minute ago, Kromede said:



    I knew someone that bought over 10K NC Coins and traded for Golds just to upgrade his gears!

    Also, no point to do Arena 1v1 now cause you just get your faceroll with summoner or blade dancers. (I heard arena pvp balance at lvl 50 but we don't have that content yet)


    What a bullshit. You can reach top 100 with every class. Summoners are a bit over the top buts thats it, BD is not there is not even a single BD in TOP 10, thats how valid this post is.

  19. You cant get any advantages for Arena PVP thats, atleast for me the most important point.

    The poster before me is kinda right, but its not as hard p2w like lets say archeage. Yes you can upgrade your gear faster through gold, but its not impossible to max the gear within a few weeks with normal gameplay. PvE content is not p2w because its easylie done with low/easygainable equipp. Openworld pvp can be dodged at any time.