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  1. Start leveling your Summoner!!!

    No, and because that topplayers can unlock the higher potential of otherclasses.
  2. Summoner = Ranger from GW2

    ok but if he gets beatn by something else its ok? Summoners cat has been nerfed this patch just kill it now.
  3. Solo farming BW/Terror no credit

    Hide players doesnt work. I have low fps too, nothing works. Its the first game i experienced this. Stop sounding like an complete computer nerd, its even worse then people complaining about fps, really way worse.
  4. Start leveling your Summoner!!!

    KR is not the same as EU. I tell you what i did. I rerolled summoner. Before hitting 45 i went plat. I hit a wall so i started reading the skills. Now i lol @ people still claiming this class is balanced. This class is maybe balanced in tournaments and top ranking in leaderboards. But what do you think hows the skill based there compared to the rest? its like 0.001% people are playing at that niveau and only for them the class is balanced, for the rest not.
  5. Destroyers....

    Only broken thing here is the anicancel burst.
  6. Every class has struggle to coma the cat, because you basically have to CC summoner then use 2 CCs on cat. The throw unconciouss also only works if summoner is cc'd otherwise he will just spam E which works midair... Best thing against summoner is to put a lot of pressure on him and the cat, if you ignore the cat he can heal a lot and it will cc you and break your combos.
  7. Summoner overpowered? [Discussion]

    You know you can suck em out of invis? or just dandelion away? As Summoner only good KFM and destroyers are a problem, everything else is food or your just bad, which i assume cause your only level 40 and already this high.
  8. The real WHY summoner is OP

    Yes i dont know why it dropps like this, usally i have like 80, arena n stuff np. But i cant do any worldboss without massiv fps dropps.
  9. Beginner - Welche Klasse

    summoner easy peasy
  10. The real WHY summoner is OP

    Hey, so after seeing all those op threads on the forum and the fact i cant farm any world boss with my bd due to 12fps and permadying i rerolled to summoner. Went arena and took a stop @ 1800 to read skills then went on playing now iam around 1900. 43-10 stats or something like that. What i learned from this is why players who play summoner dont think of the class itself as op. Because if your the guy behind him everyone else just looks like a noob running around clueless what to do. 3on3 Silver you basically can 1man every other silver team, sometime you get thrown out by the timelimit. What makes summoner op? You can E back your cat while its thrown away, it still works if you spam e because cat gets only unconsiouss when it lands. 20% heal on 24sec CD + flower of doom heal + Dandelion Heal Cat has 20% heal due to flower another 10% if you get 1 point im hammer and 2% on q if it gets hit. Thats to much heal. Iam not even maxlevel ...
  11. Game is too easy. Buff everything by 2000%

    World of Warcraft top game in genre, BloodDKs can solo up to date raid content. Is that an indication world of warcraft is to easy? No. So you can two man that instance, is that an indication this game is to easy? No Your an attention and your doing it wrong, if you wanna gather fanboys do youtube videos with funny music and cuts. If you mean this serious your not a smart person, trying to judge a game by a single instance. Choose what fits you the most.
  12. Dungeon grind 40-45

    Hey, is there any dungeon one can solo grind from 40 to 45? I read some "fastest level guides" but no one mentioned a dungeon in this area, is there one which is not mentioned in that old guides? I read something about monkey temple because the spider one got nerfed, is that valid?
  13. Dungeon grind 40-45

    its not the best way, and questing in moonwater sucks. Dont tell me i doesnt take long because i dont know what you consider to be "long".
  14. Hey, i know those range classes play this easy mode, but i dont play one, so how should i try to put dmg on the key bosses. They do aoe around themself i can see no pattern in there and the animation is to fast for me to dodge it. Fps lags even with characters hidden More aoe How do meeles play that? Do i want to level a fm for that? <.<
  15. How am I supposed to play the openworld bosses

    iam just talking about the key bosses with their fast aoes, nothing else. if the only solution is to dodge i have to get either a new computer who can handle more than 12 fps, because mine cant, or i have to make an fm for pve.
  16. BD & Destro spins.

    Be carefull with your parry thingy because we have something to remove it and can follow up with an air combo. Dont ever open with your "teleport behind and go invis" we can instantly suck you out of this, i see so many assasins to this and i can suck all out of their invis following up with an air combo...
  17. More proof for me this class is unbalanced, he doesnt even know his essential skills and plays gold. Btw its your classing beeing nerfed.
  18. Chat is completely broken

    Yea what is this? I cant see anybody writing anything wtf? Tomorrow another 5h maintance inc to fix chat lol
  19. 1800+ LBM Stream!

    ofc we do, and while we do we feast on your anger :)
  20. 1800+ LBM Stream!

    Haters gonna hate ;)
  21. Blade Dancer Build

    Gegen Summoner willst du die Katze CCn' charge ihn an und guck ob er die katze ablegt wenn nicht grap sie und schmeiss sie weg und dann soviel burst auf den summoner wie geht ohne seine counter zu hauen. Wichtig ist das du ihn nicht zu seiner katze lässt und dir den Grap für die mietze aufhebst. Die geskillt 1 hilft dir falls der grap failed. Grundsätzlich musst du instant aus KD rausrollen wenn die katze da ist damit sie ihre kombo nicht macht. Gegen den Berserker hast du deinen escape baiten lassen, den musst du dir aufheben bis er seinen burst zündet.
  22. 1 vs 1 Arena is out of balance

    Lol zuzu is kinda right? Op goes to forum and complains, this game need practice, who do you guys think you are? You see those streamer and think you can do the same, you fail, you go to the forum, you cry. I see people complaining about every class ingame and in forum. Because the complainers useally play shit pvp game where gear matters and where they can compensate bad skill trough gear. Another proof for me is the complain itself. A good player is good because he looks at himself instead of others. Your just thinking you do everything right and still loose. Wrong game for you.
  23. Blade Dancer Build

    nichts um ausm grap zu kommen? Burst hat man mit 3s in flicker eigentlich genug find da 5 in C skill zu viel. eventuell dmg für flock of knives auttauschen für nen escape ausm grap. Außerdem würd ich mir fürs 1on1 keinen festen skilltree machen, ich find z.B. die 1 geskillt sehr gut um ne cat zu ccn, useless gegen rest natürlich. Würd auch auf 2 der lieber den stun anstatt movementpeed nehmen... https://bnstree.com/BD?build=4500002400315112210333129313003111123202213043133022407321263114432
  24. assassins bit too op?

    I just wonder how BD counters sin? Iam not high ranking iam playing around 1760. The sins i met before that rating were kinda doable but now. They are really going *cricket* you mode. They poke me out of stealth, slow me. Yes i can try to spin but if i spin to much focus will run out. They dot me slow me and run to the other side of the arena. They dont even try to kill me just do enough dmg to win trough score. How to counter this?