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  1. balance patch kommt da noch 1?

    Dir ist schon klar das es im Kontext allgemein um die Klassenbalace geht? muss man dir das wircklich sagen?
  2. balance patch kommt da noch 1?

    na und? Jede andere klasse ist auch da. Der summoner wird auch verhältnissmäßig viel öfter gespielt als alles andere, deswegen ist klar das er auch weiter oben öfter vertreten ist. Ich hab schon jede Klasse rocken sehen, wenn dus nicht kannst bist du einfach zu schlecht. Edit: Ich hab übrigens in einem anderen thread im englischen genau dieses thema gehabt. Der summoner ist in den top10 NA kaum vertreten er wird dort auch sehr viel weniger gespielt.
  3. balance patch kommt da noch 1?

    Der Beschwörer kann um genau 20%HP heilen während er einschreitet wenn er sofort seine Flower auf den Gegner bekommt und sein Mate auch am Gegner stehen bleibt. Während Destro/BladeDancer/Assassin mit Anicancel auf einem Ziel ohne Tabescape 70-80%Hp an Schaden machen können.
  4. balance patch kommt da noch 1?

    L2p Issue. Jede klasse ist in den top50. Forum gehen und weinen ist einfacher als selbstkritisch zu sein.
  5. Assassin vs Destroyer 1v1

    I give this advice now to all newcomer assassins check this channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXOD8AuOQxlDD8ORiiXrMkw Hes recorded fights @ plat and gives you a basic startegie how to play its really good i like it. My advice is. Flower uptime should be very high around 100%! Play defensive poke from stealth, restealth x them run to the other side of the arena, if they stop spin sneak attack and combo. Try to pretend their tab escape and q it, if you managed this your golden against pretty much every stun class. If you did bait their trinket some basic combo him: Spinal -> RB/lB -> F -> Tab -> 4 -> RB/lb ->F -> C -> Tab -> Web -> Stealth -> Spinal ->Rb/lb -> Body swap Stealth -> Poke again I repeat flower is very important and defensive play, go in when you can deal some dmg and escape. Against every spin class body swap is golden. Minicombo that cant be trinketed if you only wanna poke -> Spinal -> F -> Tab -> 4 -> F imo is nice. never go meele if they spin. R bomb + X for poisen poke. Imo most of the time youll win with timer.
  6. Prevent movementskills.

    How do you guys apply this? It feels weird, even in 3on3 i tag in body swap and i cant dash. How does it work? What do you hate most about assassin :)?
  7. PvP is broken, just stop having hope

    I see every class in the top 50. So every players should be able to reach that high. The problem is, everyone thinks "iam good i should be there in top10! i loose because my class is week".
  8. PvP is broken, just stop having hope

    All i read in this thread is people agreeing because they seek a reason of them beeing bad at pvp. No guys. If you get comboed to death you suck.
  9. Too soon for PVP Rewards

    every class is present in the top 50, atlot of summoners up there but basically you can reach high rating with any class. What people dont understand not everyone can be in the top100 ofc only the 100 players who unlock the most potential with the class.
  10. befreien aus würgegriffen

    0.8sec zeitfenster hat der reversel skill aber z.b. das chi saugen auf der 4 vom BD kann man nicht unterbechen, sein blade was aus dem rücken kommt beispielsweiße schon genau dann wenn man die animation des skills sieht.
  11. Terrible System for BnS

    So what? It takes a whole week or maybe two then with no effort? WoW :< There is a way to get it, with no effort only time invest. Takes maybe week but really low game time. If you would decide to win a few matches in addition it comes even faster.. That skill is by no means a real requierment for pve so if you dont even want to invest time, why dont you just give up on that one skill?
  12. Terrible System for BnS

    there are daylies where you only have to participate, not to win
  13. Terrible System for BnS

    How is the zen bean only pve based? You can optain it without winning a single match
  14. Terrible System for BnS

    What pve based reward is locked?
  15. Terrible System for BnS

    This is just not true. Its just you who totally refuse to do even the slightest bit of pvp. Do your *cricket* pvp daylies together with your pve stuff you gain ENOUGH soulstones to upgrade your gear, i just reached 1700 rating with a lvl 40 assassin. I mean its not hard i did about 50 pvp matches you do your 6 daylie matches a day and your reach that amoutn kinda qickly i gained 2k zenbeans from that. thats a 30ss pouch. I dont know how much upgrading costs because i never got to the point where they are needed. But why is so hard to just do you few pvp daylies? you have to win only 1. Afk the rest if its so disgusting. As i already said pve is enough rewarding, patchchild did a good job list more things. What is a casual for you? Someone who plays like 5 hours a week? Because yea thats a casual and its hard for the game to reward low playtime how should that work? If you play on a daylie base or more than 20 hours a week your a regular player and not casual. The word casual appeard in the world of warcraft community and it descriped a bunch of players who dont like to invest "effort" while they are playing BUT STILL want as much rewards as people who actually put effort in their playtime. i say it again no one forces you to do anything. You can just play what you like. You dont need the royal bean you can get all soulstones trough pve, its easier but takes longer. You cant expect the game to put all desireable rewards as a pve reward.
  16. The Hate for Summoner

    its this patch those nerfes werent in the notes but its this patch
  17. Terrible System for BnS

    PvE bringing other sorts of rewards. Less soulstones but you can get costumes, baguas, weapons to upgrade your stuff. The only stuff you get from pvp is soulstones which right now are bringing alot of money, but this will change as the demand will fall off later on when most people did theire upgrading. And as you can see there is another upgrade for pve incoming mushin tower 8 and new dungeon.
  18. The Hate for Summoner

    The warlock was nerfed in the same patch as the summoners taunt and doom n bloom nerf, basically the last patch here are the notes. http://www.freedomplays.com/blade-soul-kr-dec-update-force-master-summoner-warlock/2/
  19. Terrible System for BnS

    I will leave the thread when i decide to. You talking about pvp is something evil! Lol and dota are MOBAs; This is an MMORPG which is more about pvp then pve. Yea it has pve gameplay, but it basically has really low pve content. Its trivial. When raids will be invented it will be more rewarding. And i said it often enough. Why is pve not rewarding to you? Only because you can get more in pvp? So basically you want pve > pvp? And call me selfish elitist? Your just ignore all the rewards i listed in pve and you still say its not rewarding enough lol
  20. The Hate for Summoner

    Wow great news :) glad to hear it, never tought they would update so rapidley
  21. The Hate for Summoner

    Is this NA? eu looks way different. They nerfed warlock hard already, where is the official information about the 2weeks?
  22. Terrible System for BnS

    Yea the whole world is unfair. I have to do pve too which i dont like. I should leave when i dont like pve? Dude the same goes for you, if you dont like pvp leave the game. Pvp is the major aspect of this game thats never going to change. You cannot advance without pvp as we cannot advance without pve. PvErs wont be more rewarded because this game is more about pvp if you dont like it, yea you said it yourself LEAVE :D Your the guy who sound like a selfish child who wants everything without playing the whole game. Mr elite pve'ist You get everything by playing the whole game take it or leave it, it wont change anyway you can cry as much as you wont! There is enough reward in pve.
  23. The Hate for Summoner

    Ok i cant hear that arguement anymore. Press F11 ingame and check how many summoner are in top10. And then tell me again its because of the low skillbase. Everyone who playes around 2k rating knows their class especially if you get there with the harder ones. Still there are more summoners than any other class like 5 summoners are there in top10 and the whoe upper rank is croweded with those little crickets.
  24. Terrible System for BnS

    I already did respond to that. I have to pvp against 45s than thats just as unenjoyable as pveing Wait i just recognized i cant get weapons from pvp to upgrade my gear for openworld pvp? An whats with the stones i could get from blackwyrm and the way better baguas from pve for open pvp so unfair ! Oh and only because you see it as pretty general i have to enjoy it? i have to go trough it while i hate it but accept it and you are right with crying over 5k zen beans lol bro.