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  1. as a f2p I myself find this rates unbearable, 1:3 I can grind with the current content but anything lower as that is just not good.. ex. 1k gold for a 900hmcoin worth outfit.. would you pay for that? we dont have the same content as other regions yet and our dailies barely compensate with this rates. not to mention the current events is a huge cash grab and ripoffs XD
  2. rare elements are prolly the most overpriced among the list but others are cheaper
  3. if you can wait for more than months or even a year then yes it will return... I myself buy them as soon as they show up on hmstore ever since I played on day1 and lemme tell you only handful of 5 outfits that i can remember that showed up again since then.
  4. I agree on both AriShadow2 and Buzzirk I still remember when f9 rate was at 1:80 since gold arent that easy and soulstones cost like 2s ea Now gold is so easy that even a story geared alt can earn 30g+ from doin silverfrost purple dungeon dailies
  5. alot are actually pissed of this website register due to em missing it.. most only wants the free character slot, why didnt they do it like the previous WL and SF release that it was sold for one time purchase 0ncoin so everyone actually gets it and keep the outfit at the website register stuff event. hope ncwest does better next time :)
  6. not really sure what happen to ling ling here :3
  7. I got the blindfold on bloodshade after 130th run
  8. well it is quite alot since it is alot just saying its cheap tbh and alot of cheap will become expensive XD
  9. works same way irl, you pay for mailing items even if you already own em
  10. these are jewels you are trying to mail which as stated by Tseng cost 1g each, you expected to send 1k of em for 1silver overall or sumtin? you can try sending the amount of what you just actually need if you wanna save gold.
  11. Scarlet and Cobalt Widow Jinsoyun Zulia Juna Daily quest npc for cold storage (Oh god! Please help! *straight face*)
  12. I wish they put back zaiwei ruins on daily challenge, they said they removed it coz it was old content yet im seeing tomb of exile, shrieking caverns, and the endgame blackram narrows still present on DC.
  13. Asking for help on faction/region chat often solves this problem or go to crowded places and ask some help there aswell. If you are from Soha/Dochun/Jiwan server I can help you with this quest.
  14. Am I the only one that thinks Gwon is a male Yun? but then again his brother is a Gon so he could be the skinniest Gon in the lore or his parents are a Gon and a Yun.
  15. BnS JP's wardrobe are open for non-prem this just shows NA/EU wants your money desperately :3
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