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  1. are you guys still worried about what happened before when they accidentally updated some bosses to 55 content? monsters were updated but not your character and this time both will get improvement. Start complaining when you actually fought the bosses as a level 55, Like I said other regions already have this content before us and they dont seem to be any issues regarding it. If you are so worried your crit will go down by 10% or something well same thing happened during 50 cap increase thats because you are still using lv45 gears(soulshields, accessories, etc). same thing could happen on 55,
  2. if it was my comment, I have run this dungeon all the time since it was released and I always have the orb which I farmed myself from zaiwei ruins. tbh its much easier to farm it now than back then coz you just need the orb rather than the previous 10 scale frags = 1 scale for mandate and the 3 color orbs for cold storage which you can only farm in the cold storage itself.
  3. 129 runs 223hands(some are from daily dash) prolly saw 11 bracelet dropped already got mine from my first drop which was somewhere at the 30th run for 292g, I just run this dungeon for dailies and only multi running it now coz of the stomach of iron title for my friends' alt. Seems to me it only drops when you dont expect it to. XD
  4. other region have survived the lv55 cap increase just fine and I dont see why NA will die from it.
  5. Pure White seems to be sold during Valentines Day. I'd like to have Best Friend and Southern Tiger on F10. (what I really want is Ravenfall but that ain't happening T_T)
  6. DKV doesnt require specific AP, just be sure to know the mechanics of the boss fight and should be easy even with 700ap
  7. just to not confuse him since he is new Black Tower is Skybreak Spire and Vortex Temple is Temple of Eluvium, I know one of the reasons people call it BT rather than SS is due to SS having alot of uses ingame already such as soulshield, soulstone and the backstep (double tap S) same goes for VT rather ToE which Tomb of Exile has already claimed.
  8. they did and it is one of the most wanted perks of having a premium. I dont see them making a separate feature of this for it will only further de-value premium service like when they remove most of the discounted items on prem tab.
  9. why start a dungeon when you don't have the required item to fight the boss?
  10. this is basically true, you are more likely to see 1000 outfit drops and not a single HM skill related item drop from dungeons. Asura Ember, Ofals, and Skillbooks havent seen or heard from anyone that saw it dropped since hard mode was removed from certain dungeons.
  11. lv55 skill needs hongmoon focus (not a normal focus that we have right now) and it can only be filled overtime and some skills that grants hongmoon focus on their description. item stats with focus recovery doesnt affect this.
  12. Skybreak Spire and Temple of Eluvium isnt just an ordinary raid where anyone can join, people ask for 900+ on those for actual chance to clear it even so people still struggle for it. Dawn of Khanda Vihar and Fallen Aransu School doesn't really need specific AP for it, as long as everyone knows the mechanics of the boss fight even700ap can clear it if done correctly. People run DKV and FAS right after maintenance. Just shout "DKV apply on me" on region chat and you will be swarmed with applications before you can even say "full". PS. Raids are weekly quest so people do em after maintenanc
  13. most event and f10 outfits are account bound
  14. orange quest are for unlocking raid dungeons and dungeons required for story have their solo versions, if you are having trouble with that, you are doing something wrong.
  15. I myself LFP dungeons from frozen fang lair to sogun's lament and it doesnt take ages to get a group running on those. gearing up is way easier now and will be more easier on the next update. as for the repeated dungeons runs.... isnt mostly all the MMOs are like that?
  16. extremely disappointing indeed. it is probably part of their market strategy to sell the headpiece in full price later on just to avoid the "sale" and perhaps avoid the false advertisement for the outfit set aswell.
  17. well I am gonna pass on this bundle even tho I want it it's not worth it if it's an incomplete set
  18. nope if you get the opposite you have to get it to stage 10 and get the opposite bracelet from mushin 16-20 to convert it
  19. well thats extremely disappointing. well done ncwest.
  20. well not all but the ones from old content such as zaiwei ruins, bloodshade harbor, naryu labyrinth, etc. zaiwei ruins in particular isnt easy to solo for certain classes and nearly noone does it ever since it was removed from daily challenge, same goes for twisted grimhorn.
  21. other region have all the outfits on most dungeons sold on the outfit NPC (the one that sells faction uniforms) on that area for a few fabrics and having the 10kill achievement on that dungeon. I pretty much like this feature applied to NA/EU.
  22. an incomplete outfit set.... where is the earmuffs at?
  23. when ncsoft tries to explain a year old feature again.... http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/a-closer-look-at-the-currency-exchange/
  24. Hongmoon focus is for the lv55 skills which we dont have yet.
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