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  1. they should actually put this on vendor same as other regions the bug is the vendor doesnt sell it not the description
  2. its too old... people are now lv55 you can solo that dungeon once you get to lv30+
  3. if you are from yura I can help you with it
  4. How I got my 100kill achievement for the event Me: Anyone wanna trade kill? *few hours later* Me:Thank you! :)
  5. Event too easy and boring = complain Event too hard = complain No event = complain Don't play = no complain
  6. still havent seen any hybrid race on bns like half gon half jin or w/e so maybe on this realm offsprings are determined by the mother, we even see yun courtesans in zaiwei and gunwon so its likely they have experience with other male races.
  7. For me it's fun because I don't have to facetank and braindead dps. The boss fight actually takes more than 4min which makes it more engaging. Noone is forcing you to run it and the event items you get from it can be acquired by doin the normal one. If you think you can get the most desired type of gem in the game that easily, well sadly to say you cannot. There are two events, you can either do the hard one or the easy one or both em or none of em.
  8. I have 300+ms and Im doin fine on this dungeon, Try to learn every boss's attack pattern and avoid getting hit by them. Every member of the party has to do their part and this is mostly where everyone fails at.
  9. Well rotation seems to be based on the showroom order, since there isnt any new outfits anymore on the list to put on rotation so it shuffles back at the beginning until a new one get added. They have even added trove outfits aswell on the rotation just to fill it. So be patient and wait til they do an update on showroom and we will get new rotational outfits.
  10. This is what dungeons should be. Teamwork not a one man army carry. I love to see more events like this.
  11. Yes you can its called alter appearance on the upgrade window of your weapon.
  12. wish we can customize non-f10 outfits in the future too. I'd like to recolor my Promise and Dark Sandstorm outfits XD
  13. hate to say this but technomancer isnt a costumizable outfit yet... and as for the chromatic thread on hmstore i would say it will cost 50 or less since when they showed us the outfits that can be bought with it they cost 30 threads which makes the average outfit cost of 1.5k nc/hmcoin
  14. you are correct, asura's brand was removed also i rarely see flowers spawn due to the overkills but those still poisons you and practically still painful
  15. glad yeoharan killed most of em at the last stage XD
  16. SS - depends on what they refer to such as Soulshield ex. BT SS = Raven Soulshield Soulstone - mainly used for upgrading or crafting Backstep (since you tap S twice) - commonly used to iframe (dodge)
  17. +1 post for me :3 (this is a spam thread right?)
  18. 10 boss kills achievement and 500 raven feathers for the accessories that should be good :3
  19. lets all be realistic here if all races can access all classes 99% of the server will be lyns :3
  20. My advice is find a way to lower your ping to about 250 or so. 400ms has a very huge delay that would make dungeons like this quite impossible to complete.
  21. i said rounds means scorpion queen, ogong escort and tarakhan, also remembered visasa spawning 3 times also landing the last hit on the bosses gives you 2 boxes and I soloed 6 rounds before people showed up and still landed some last hits on some of em
  22. must be bad luck coz after running it a couple of times till I got wild horse and bully wrap on tarakhan i had 15orbs think i ran like 10 rounds or so
  23. cannot be unseen.... anyway no idea and would also love to know what they are do... i meant what outfit it is
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