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  1. well rip just have to wait for maintenance since they wont hold an emergency one to fix this.
  2. spikes of darkness from the ground = rupture deal dmg then heal self = windstorm necromancer has been part of the game since act I (that dude creating jianshis at the siege of jadestone) and the most elite of em are warlocks capable of manipulating energies of the spirit realm a.k.a darkness. I know you just want a class that is pure darkness but sad to say all classes in bns are now divided by 2 elements on each.
  3. this was one of the 1st game trailers for it in KR. The game was overhauled couple of times already before hitting NA and as for darkness class theres warlock which has a mastery of the spirit realm
  4. Gons use to have dragonic form mode kinda close to demon but it was scrapped....
  5. Yep 2months of dailies from koldrak for the outfit...ever since it was released I did it everyday but I missed 2 days due to some IRL stuffs.
  6. 2days late but finally got it \o/
  7. dont forget that the new class is gonna use its own HP to use skills rather than focus. so it might par with KFM difficulty for tanking which might rely on iframes
  8. http://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/producers-letter-spring-2018/ have high hopes Jin is also getting it :)
  9. Im playing from SEA and my ping is 4x the usual (1k+) alot of my friends also have same issue and most of em are from SEA too
  10. I seriously doubt ncwest staff/dev play this game normally. "We want players to focus on new content dungeons so we are gonna reduce gold reward from old contents so you can gear up very slowly for it". Thank you so much NCWEST!
  11. from the stream earlier jonathan said "it is special". We will prolly beg for it same with swordsman hat for more than a year before they add it.
  12. here ya go https://onedrive.live.com/view.aspx?resid=E036703DDD0908D4!129&ithint=file%2cxlsx&app=Excel&authkey=!AOmpcEixLitEtRA click the class and go to bracelets
  13. Simple they only played game master accounts and have no experience on normal progression, mostly they just rely on feedback and assume that will fix everything. They have no experience of how hard it is to get moonstone normally without doin 6v6, nor how someone needs to solo an old content raid map to get a cosmetic that prolly will need divine luck to get it, yes im talking about Zaiwei Ruins. Asura Ember that never dropped on Sogun or Offals on Gloomdross and Shattered Masts since they removed hardmode. I'm a f2p and dont mind grinding but their rates on items make you think you have bette
  14. Oh I see, thanks for clearing that but ima reinstall fresh my client to remove the reshade. Still sad about the outfit, such great design wasted.
  15. Are you reffering to me about the modified client? I did try the ReShade back in awhile to make the game more beautiful. Does this affect some ingame outfit models?
  16. what annoys me is the back cloth is glued to your leg same as the one with the shadowrunner outfit. great design but poor ingame model implementation
  17. during that event the merchant of wonder has a 100% spawn rate on cold storage, and guess where you can buy the reset for it :3
  18. 2months of farming for the outfit? try farming junghado's swordsman hat in that timeframe XD as the others had said the lag is prolly from your net, I play with 250-300ms (asia) and im fairly doing fine on the raid.
  19. I think they found a way to make this profitable to their end. The last merchant of wonder featured old content outfits, I wont be surprised if they do this again anytime soon.
  20. as @KiraKamelia mentioned there is no major benefit for a lv55 to be standing at low level area or city. also it takes a day or two to finish the story content which makes you lv55 hm7-8 easily. check f8 if you dont see a single chat in 2hrs then yes the game is dying.... or your chat is broken :3
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