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  1. Leechers/afkers in instances.

    I just took pictures - brightstone dungeon is the best place for afk people. They get money because of other fools and leave. So what now ? Where will I send all that fker pics ? There is no place to report them.
  2. My Preparation for Warlock

    I prepared tea and drinking now - while listening music.
  3. For a while I started to meet with these people. Especially at cross - server dungeons they come late to dungeon and wait there. If you call for its name - silence :d and if your party members are fool to finish all dungeon this afk guy came back to life then bid ( mostly they ve damn gold ) - take loot and gone. What should do with these people ?
  4. Server Down?

    something has gone :D i think it's server
  5. how useful is 4th gem slot on weapon?

    it's a gold problem - if you have then more is good.
  6. How to mute that woman voice

    Oh thanks I realized that sound settings now - and it seems system sounds - muted and that witch gone :)
  7. There is a woman helper or npc idk - while fighting she's always bugging me - "you cant do this right now etc".. I really hate that voice and wish to just mute that instead of muting all game. I click skills without waiting enabled so now I really started to hate hearing that voice.
  8. Servers Down?

    Yeah it seems "down" and I was almost getting 1000g box ... please Ncsoft send that 1000g box to me :)
  9. Why so much patchs

    If the prices of soulstones and moonwater stones doesnt drop - upgrading is just for premium or whatever ppl. dont talk about fantasy - do dailly and get enough gold ? which game is that ? I am sure not bns at the moment. xd
  10. AI for cat ?

    lol, you totally misunderstood the topic - afk to farm is not my issue. i broke my keyboard in pvp just 1 sec ago because of frozen / cant turn into target mode :) my problem was that and i was waiting that cat to continue to attack but well whatever.
  11. AI for cat ?

    Lol, I am not waiting or thinking - if you summon sth , you call it for your attack or defence issue not to wander around or stand there to die. Grab a summoner and try pvp or whatever. I am sure you will feel that "what that cat is for ? " :D it has 2 skills you can call from your keyboard - but they ve a small time issue ( delay ) and really cat stands there before doing i mean it doesnt goes to target or try to near of them just stands wherever its.... and ppl ve learned that issue i think so they are moving always around so cats attacks are for nothing. whatever, i just wanted to share my worst ideas with fake summoner class. thanks. "sorry for my english - doing my best "
  12. AI for cat ?

    Not used to auto pet but well you wait that behaviour from "summoned" thing - lol i think i ve to wait for warlock - it seems a better summoner or i think so. I really started so bad with that named summoner pet lover class.
  13. AI for cat ?

    Lol, i think you forgot AI for familiar - it's damn too stupid - lets check it :d put your char any where and a mob attacks it => what will familiar do ? a - it will protect summoner and fight with mob or absorb all dmg ( like you call for that absorbing with F button ) b - it will wait till to summoner die and it will die too ? or you're running and some person attacked you from behind and you're dazed or frozen or.. and couldnt target him => what will familiar do ? a - ... b - ... in all that kind situations familiar is waiting as a damn fool pet near of you .. In a game ( same kind of summoning type ) it was triggered and protecting summoner..this cat is just wrong. thanks.
  14. Merry Potters guild overly dominant?

    Lol, your potter level is damn low ----> the expensive items of potter need ofc others items.
  15. Search time for Market

    Market prices are rising and the reason of it is mostly the people who camp at market. They constantly search > buy > sell from high prices. So I advice a search time counter for market and I am sure this will improve market lag problem too. Thanks.