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  1. How to create and design clan uniform?

    Don't you have to collect the CERTIFCATE of designs that drops from NECRO? PLUS other mats. I imagine its not just one per outfit design like e.g 5 certs to make 1 OUTFIT cloak OR 10 Certs to make a BELT and so on.
  2. hongmoon pellet

    You also need contributors from 5 different professions to make the ingredients for it. The clan members in your clan who don't NEED it as a major boost to their DPS are doing you a huge favor by getting all the mats. Make sure that whoever has access to your workshop in clan isn't a NINJA as well. AND THEN! have to eat/drink ALL the other ELIXIRS (about another 5-6) in order to get your L-CLICK SKILL unlock. Not sure where or how or what you need in order to get those. I imagine its just another endless chain of ingredients and process time. Check the List in your achievements.
  3. As the title suggests. It should be open to everyone. I would like to see my one go up on DAILY DASH. What is the prize for winning?
  4. As the title suggests. It should be open to everyone. I would like to see my one go up on DAILY DASH. What is the prize for winning?
  5. Is this bugged out? The achievement says in under 4 seconds. I watched a youtube video and the 4 seconds did not include the first phase before he transforms into the devourer. Our group of L 45's in the second phase probably killed it in under 1 second. But we never got the achievement? Is it because it was WAY TOO Fast?!?! Does anybody else have the same problem?
  6. The steps are.... 1. Download nvidia inspector Open it and click the tool icon next to the driver version3. Locate Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn in the profile selection4. Click the "add application to current profile" icon5. Locate the Blade and Soul client.exe located in Ncsoft/BnS/bin - this will be wherever you installed it at.6. IMPORTANT: Make sure to select "Application absolute path" above the open/cancel buttons when you select the client.exe7. Hit Apply Changes8. Scroll down to the Other section of the settings and find "Shim Rendering Mode Options per application for Optimus" and change it to "SHIM_RENDERING_OPTIONS_DEFAULT_RENDERING_MODE" and Apply Changes again.9. Open your Nvidia control panel and go to Manage 3D Settings10. Click the Program Settings tab and then hit add11. Click browse and go to where you installed BnS and find the client.exe file in the Ncsoft/BnS/bin directory12. After selecting the client.exe the profile should be named Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn but have the BnS icon next to the name.13. Go back to Nvidia inspector and under Compatibility find SLI compatibility bits (NOT the DX1x one) and change it to: 0x03402405 (Blade & Soul (China), Blade & Soul (Korea))14. Now under Other find Memory Allocation Policy and change it to "WKS_MEMORY_ALLOCATION_POLICY_AGGRESSIVE_PRE_ALLOCATION"Note: This forces your windows theme to switch to basic rather than Aero.15. Under Antialiasing change Antialiasing - Behavior Flags to "None"16. Hit Apply Changes and you should be good to go. When I get to step 6 it brings up this ERROR 'ERROR adding application 'This application executable is already assigned to another profile!'
  7. When I select Absolute path it says: 'ERROR adding application 'This application executable is already assigned to another profile!' BUT Which one is it? There are a million profiles in there? Also pretty sure this is the first time I used inspector for any game.Is there a quicker way to find out which one it is? OH FFS this is so frustrating. Someone please help.
  8. Is the game slowly dying?

    They increased their server capacity and also added in new servers. I bet you would be complaining if there * was* a queue. So either way they can't win with you. And even if it was other people getting bored of it doesn't mean you have to get bored with it. Because why not just copy the rest of the pack right?
  9. Just a suggestion. Anybody else having this prob?
  10. I agree I got a GTX 760 and can run GTA 5 online. Its more than enough for this game yet I experience the same drops in FPS. Even when I have it set to 'optimize for combat' If its happening on graphics cards like yours, that is even better than mine, then its not your system its the game itself. The gameplay is great but the FPS is the crucial element that is letting it down.
  11. Before a BOSS fight I right click it nothing happens. During fight clicked on it nothing happens. So dead clicked on it *STILL* doesn't resurrect you. As it says: 'resurrects holder when DEAD or NEAR DEAD.' Thats exactly what it doesn't do. LOL! The INSTANT MASS REVIVAL doesn't work either :p Is there a special MORTAL KOMBAT secret key code combination or something???
  12. HONG MOON lvl 2 SKILL point

    Ok so then there is no where else I can add the single SKILL point until I gain another level AND obtain the SKILL from 4man Harbor.
  13. HONG MOON lvl 2 SKILL point

    Ahhh ic. Is that the TIER 5 last row unlock? because it doesn't seem it can be added anywhere else. My trees are maxed out.
  14. Ok so I have leveled up and got a SKILL point. It lights up for me to select a RECOMMENDED SKILL but when I click on it nothing happens. I am unable to assign this point?