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  1. Need Advices.

    pve? Yup
  2. I have a problem...

    I wasnt joking either
  3. People that PVP

    Im a summoner so I just roll my face across the keyboard
  4. So Everyone Saying Stop Waiting On PC

    You really gonna sleep? Or wait that extra hour or so to kick some ass in BnS
  5. So Everyone Saying Stop Waiting On PC

    Could watch on this monitor, but that would require me to not have the forums full screen which seems appealing to me right now. My vision isn't that messed up yet; not the greatest quality as compared to my pc but I guess it works If my fiance grabbed my phone for a quick search; hopefully she'd be enjoying what I was watching
  6. I have a problem...

    Don't eat or drink anymore either. Will probably be dead by next patch
  7. I have a problem...

    Quit my job like 2 weeks ago. Haven't started looking for a new one since this came out.
  8. NCSOFT come on...........

  9. Is the game slowly dying?

    Game thats slowly dying is tree of savior. Man played the closed beta; then..idk what happened when they implemented all that shit on the korean cloent
  10. NCSOFT come on...........

    IDK dude server went down for me early in the morning. Different time zones buddy
  11. Is the game slowly dying?

    Eh; noticed that too. Could be a bit, but...from what I see over on Jiwan; still a grip of people playing.
  12. NCSOFT come on...........

    Is it fair to not do the maintenance either?