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  1. New Here

    buy more slots if u want or don't buy any
  2. Hongmoon secret technique

    I think u need to wait until feb 10, that's when u can unlock it.
  3. nice post should be a sticky
  4. Market order limit

    chill out I really don't understand lol So at the first rank you can hve S10 = 10 orders simultaneously, how no more than that D10=you can place 20 sell orders total, until the daily timer resets??? it is pitiful if that's the case
  5. Fair enough, I am happy that I am playing the game now rather than later as I am mostly dungeoning with toons my level.
  6. they can still run it for mats and cosmetics , however at the appropriate lvl They hve made it so high levels need to run low level dungeons, so regardless of there lvl they would need to run it. Dungeons are meant for grp play not solo. FFxiv do this scaling system and it wrks fine. AS someone said there would hve to be massive changes to the code. So its just a whinging thread lol, maybe future content could hve a scale system.
  7. High level characters should be scaled back when doing low level dungeons. Just to make it fair for normal level characters. And the dungeon slightly more challenging, rather than a massacre.
  8. I was playing WoW before I met BnS

    kinda in the same boat, can't go back to my other mmos as this one is much more fun
  9. Appreciation to DEV's

    thnx you devs, and I am so happy to see this game with a full English translation.
  10. Servers..

    you have the perfect crafting server>>>>>>>> Craft and Gather for you is will be sweet profit. (cross server ah) However other group things that depend on a heathy server population not so much.
  11. Australia Server Please

    you could most likely get that lowered using a tunnelling service. Oceania server would be nice but I doubt it. However there is hope. If they do implement one I hope you can transfer there.
  12. Read many posts about what toons do the most dps, or peeps complaining they aren't doing enough dps. So how do you know how much dps you are doing?? The only way I can see if I am out dpsing other players is when I get threat.
  13. not worry about it, if they have mitigated most of it I would smile.
  14. How many training certificates slots can I hve for once character??? is the maximum 2 ?? for each character??