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  1. Hey everybody, So i played Wildstar when it first came out and installed the game fine the first time around. Stopped playing, uninstalled the game, a few months later came back to reinstall the game and thats when i had issues trying to reinstall. I messed around with the NC launcher, moving files, deleting files, whatever and got it working. Then Blade and Soul got released and i tried this game out too. First time playing it the install went fine too. But then decided to stop playing then came back months later and tried to reinstall and same issues as Wildstar. Had to mess
  2. In most MMO's i play melee but i really like the FM in this game. I actually figured out on my own that alternating LMB and RMB appears to increase attack speed since they must not share a GCD or whatevers. I never noticed the minor screen shaking that this does, or even any other FM attack. I might have to pay attention to this a lot closer because i've been playing B&S and other games less and less due to headaches. I also play FO4 and other games on the side and i thought my headaches were coming from those other games but gonna be looking at B&S now. Funny thing is
  3. Well she does reload it but with cartridges. B&S seems like the kind of game that would be more about arquebus/flintlock type gunpowder weapons...except that one chick on the loading screen who has the eyepatch and a minigun. And she does use it as a melee weapon but i disagree about how having a class like you mentioned would seem too KFM-ish. That would only happen if the devs create a class like that and make the melee moves offensive in nature. They could be made as mostly defensive abilities like gap openers, snares or as a jump-over-land-behind type move that does a tiny bit of d
  4. A gunslinger with two pistols would seem kinda lame in this game imo. Maybe people can brainstorm a bit instead of bickering about how it will or wont fit here and think of a way to make it B&S or Martial Arts themed. I dont read or watch anime or any oddball martial arts movies just the regular Jackie Chan/Bruce Lee stuff so i dont know if they've ever had a dual wielding range type character. But only thing i can think of that might be made into a passable M.A. themed gunslinger is something like the Hassassin Dart Master from the Prince of Persia movie.
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