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  1. me and a friend also got an insta dc, but another friend is still ingame so probably no, server not down (at least not windrest) and im connecting back to frostgipfel so that one prolly aint down either

  2. i dont know if its intended, but i always got only 1 essence on Pinchy, no matter how much damage i dealt. same with another fieldboss i forgot the name of (the one in the water around the trashtail camps or so)

  3. just wait a bit before you enter a dungeon. make sure it has been preloaded so that you wont encounter a loading screen. that way you can play each area until you are done. i do that myself and only disconnect when i enter a new area (since having a loading screen at those is inevitable :I ) its not a real solution but its a compromise

  4. i remember when i tried to log into windrest yday around 7 or 8 pm cet, i was on position #3.6k-ish with an approximate waitingtime of 96minutes. then, 4 hours later, i was on position #1.6k-ish with an approximate waiting time of 396minutes o/ i wonder what those waiting times are based on, as they seem to rise and drop as they feel like

  5. did you try changing ui size or resolution of your game? if you prefer your current settings, just change them, apply them, and revert them back. maybe that resets the position of the text

  6. it works. can confirm. i have a disconnecting issue every tme i rushed into the portal. i just go and do a slow waddle when i start seeing the portal just to be sure it has done loading when i arrive. i for one lag quite a bit when it hasnt done loading yet, so if i waddle fluently again, i can enter without a loading screen, thus not dcing