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  1. League of Bots

    That is such a hot spot for bots. I wonder why the GM doesn't even try. for 2 minutes of the GM's time, they can ban 8 or more bots that took hourssss or days to get there. It will annoy the botters. It's worth it... but they don't care.
  2. Compensation!!!

    ffs.. another "compensate" wah wah thread.
  3. Character appearance voucher

    Don't hope. There is no reason they would give cash shop item for free lol especially the higher cost ones.
  4. Marketplace Question

    Only make sense if it's among your server, not across other server. market would be way more screwed than it is now if it's all across server; imagine ALLLL the bots competing to sell their 'farmed' items and crafted items.
  5. another wah-waher... No problem here. And no, I'm not a premium nor have I purchase anything. It's a free game. Don't get an economic airplane ticket and expect a first class treatment.
  6. I started crafting recently. Gathering isn't that hard imo I'm now sitting at 89 viridian transformation stone.... The problem is... the value of that stone is now 1 silver each. Not worth all the effort lol
  7. Crafting times

    I enjoy crafting, but hate the fact you can't order in higher quantity too. I'd imagine the price of crafted materials and market rate would go down A LOT if we can order in higher quant though. Simply cuz people can make multiple char just for crafting, then make in high volume just to come back in couple of days then repeat.
  8. Japanese voice pack?

    No, they are most likely not going to release it. However, there is a way. google "bns dojo" and look around there... Japanese voice actors have so much more feels into it :)
  9. I hope they don't. You can suck it up and just play 'til vl 10. Its fairly fast and easy. What nooby question is there to ask? the game is pretty much self-explanatory. Only thing not clear is crafting, which is at jadestone village and you should be lvl 10+ by then. Just follow the storyline and accept side quests. Go to blue/red area in minimap and do whatever is needed until they're gone lol
  10. I did not know that lol I was wondering how come the NPC can say "Id*ot" in main quest with voice, but I got censored when I was typing it hahah
  11. YO DEVS- anti-gold seller suggestion

    PIN won't stop botting. I gaurantee it.... I used to bot for Maple Story. PIN didn't do nothing lol (Don't worry, I won't be botting for this game. I'm playing for the PvP) That being said. Tracking down botters is way more time consuming, since you actually have to go around in the big open world or backlogging the thousands of reports. Whereas, you go in.. see spammer or just people advertising obvious websites. Ban. Would you want to make new acc DAILY, verify acc, bot for hour or two to get to the requirement lvl or whatever to spam. Just to be banned in an hour or so? Botters can be tolerated to certain extent. Spammers are way more obvious and it's whats annoying EVERYBODY. People and new players will notice spammers, think the game is overrun by bots and turn away/quit.
  12. YO DEVS- anti-gold seller suggestion

    That employee can have account in all servers... or just make so the GM can jump server. That employee doesn't have to be in the same server all day... just randomly spend 20min-1hr in each. I seriously think doing so can save the game. Censoring words, having requirements, or just limiting is not enough. There will always be a workaround whatever programs is set up. They can beat the programs, but they can't beat a persistent person. Just focus on the spammers. Spammers should be a priority to botting. Whats the point of them botting if they can't sell/advertise their product.
  13. YO DEVS- anti-gold seller suggestion

    1) Limit to ~100 region/faction message an hour. 2) Required lvl 5 to use those region chat function. 3) most importantly... hire 1 person to do only 1 job specifically; be in game to hunt and ban the spammers . They will will give up eventually knowing their time or even botting is not worth it.
  14. Game stuck at title

    Oh.. thought it was just my computer lol