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  1. Becuz yolosweg datz y .
  2. @NCSOFT Need more character slots please.

    You'll just have to get another premium account running ^^
  3. Please Lets Talk About the Quartz and etc....

    I like the system as it is , right now you can sell the mats . If the nodes were spawning faster and there were more of it , guess what everything will be 1 copper .
  4. Trash war

  5. Summoner and the next patch the summoners are getting even stronger .
  6. Stressful community

    Stopped reading at *takes a sip of coffee*
  7. Compensation?

    NCSOFT have always been a cash grab , i'll leave it at that .
  8. [Question] End Game? Do I have to pvp?... =/

    Next patch there will be more to grind and upgrade , and then you can stop playing again :D
  9. Stop Gold Sellers

    Yep , that's why I would never spend a dime on this company .
  10. Help with graphic setting reset!!!

    BNS > NCWEST > ClientConfiguration ( open with note pad ) > find "windowed " set value to 0 > find fullscreen - set to 1 and then you can actually play the game when optimized for low end in full screen . Don't forget to Alt + Enter to force full screen once in character select .
  11. NCSOFT, please move our login server to EU

    Doesn't matter anymore , I'll try to play on the next patch . And if the servers are still the same garbage and the chat is filled with gold spam , uninstall will be the only sollution at least for me .