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  1. I don't see the problem, if you don't want bigger breasts, don't max them out? I never max the breast out on my char, I don't like it. Options are wonderful aren't they?
  2. It seems like the guys always get the short end when it comes to "sexy" outfits
  3. I'm not sure about making them "sexy" but I would like something other than a balloon suit/potato sack.
  4. Take it to the main branch, NCSoft Korea. NcWest can't really do things like that they're for NA/EU players. A lot of the EU players themselves are even saying the servers aren't actually located in Germany but in the US. Also keep in mind the US is pretty big, people playing from Alaska, New Jersey, and other places opposite of Texas (Where the servers are) would rather play with lower ping as well. If they're going to add more servers they need to give NA players servers in different locations and then get the EU players servers that's actually in EU. Before they start giving servers to
  5. At this point it's not complaining, it's just about the basic principle. 90% of the time NA gets a game we have to pay for a lot of features that are free in the original. Publishers gouge the heck out of our pockets, come up with these freemium servers (Monthly subs on f2p games) and then make us pay for free stuff. How is that even fair?
  6. I want to know this as well. A lot of NA players want it, A lot of SA players want it. Why is it not happening?
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