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  1. Now I'm not one to complain about maintenance and technical problems. Things happen, but how do you take the game down to fix it, yet break it even more? Region and Faction chat aren't working.
  2. Because this is the North America and Europe branch. Publishers have to have contracts, agreements, etc to have servers in other locations. You would also need to ask the main NcSoft branch which is NcSoft Korea, not NcSoft west.
  3. So is anyone going to answer the EU players? I see they have merged threads about this. I'm sure a quick answer would be nice.
  4. Those two actually don't look ergonomic to me at all. o.o
  5. I want to know this as well. A lot of NA players want it, A lot of SA players want it. Why is it not happening?
  6. Lol what kind of mouse do you have?
  7. Not for me, I have a mouse with 15 buttons. >_>
  8. No thanks, I hate games that make you wait due to someone else's internet or hardware. If you look at the screenshots and notice from playing with people, a lot of people are playing on cardboard boxes. We're also playing with people from other countries outside of NA/EU that are complaining about lag, etc themselves. I upgraded my PC to be able to handle the newer games that are coming out. I completely understand that not everyone can afford to do that, however life isn't fair. The only thing I would suggest is having the chat like how it is on FFXIV where even though you're loading in
  9. They added more servers and people are still moving around trying to find their home server. Or other friends, etc. I don't think they game is dying at all, especially since they're adding even more servers.
  10. There are normal 3s on the other servers. I have no clue why it's not here yet, I personally don't like this tag team stuff either. Hopefully we get it with this update that's coming next month.
  11. I get logged out as soon as I log in A lot of times. I know on the Aion forums it's been a problem for years (literally). Something was mentioned about them not having enough money to hire an actual web developer to fix stuff.
  12. I've heard a lot of people with nvidia graphic cards complain in game, about crashing. Maybe you can search around and see if you can find any threads or fixes on that? My AMD gpu is broken right now so I had to use my back up which is nvidia, the game has randomly crashed on me once so far( I also don't have any razer stuff, I have all corsair). However I have a new amd on the way so I haven't looked into it much.
  13. How many times has the game been taken down so far? I play at an odd time and usually miss the maintenance. It's been like what, 3 times so far right?
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