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  1. That was just for early access wasn't it?
  2. I got my weapon first time, friends got theirs around 3-4th time. RNG is RNG. However, 4 hours is nothing, with MMOs you used to have to farm things for weeks.
  3. WoW has more money and more man power than NCSoft NA which is just a small branch. NcSoft Korea (the main branch) is the one you guys need to give your petition too, they don't pay attention to the NA forums. NcSoft Korea would then have to find a publisher over there to deal with. NcSoft NA closed their other server locations down and also laid off over half their employees, they can't compete with WoW like that. Side note, before any of that happens, let's be completely real here. The regions that NcSoft NA caters oo are being neglected. They cater to EU people, yet EU people can't even g
  4. Take it to the main branch, NCSoft Korea. NcWest can't really do things like that they're for NA/EU players. A lot of the EU players themselves are even saying the servers aren't actually located in Germany but in the US. Also keep in mind the US is pretty big, people playing from Alaska, New Jersey, and other places opposite of Texas (Where the servers are) would rather play with lower ping as well. If they're going to add more servers they need to give NA players servers in different locations and then get the EU players servers that's actually in EU. Before they start giving servers to
  5. Yeah you're beyond a fan boy. >Broken in game feature that didn't have to break. "Oh well guys, deal with it. It's just broke and you can't be upset that things are broken" Jfc.
  6. I know there's no getting rid of spammers completely (unless no one buys their gold) but the block list limit being removed will help greatly! Not a chat level limit that just hinders actual players.
  7. You're arguing with people and you don't even know why people are upset. No one expects the spammers to be completely gone. People that have played more than 2 MMOs know THE ONLY way to get rid of them is for NO ONE to buy gold. No one is expecting anything perfect. No one is mad about maintenance. We're mad at the fact that they didn't test this, they just threw it up there. That says a lot about how they handle things, they took the game down twice in a roll. Okay, new launch, things are going to happen, no biggie. But when you take the game down for FIVE AND A HALF hours to only ma
  8. I personally don't like the system, but it's here to stay.
  9. Jfc even the forums are messing up now and I can't quote properly. They don't have a lot of problems being thrown at them. This isn't some normal/random issue that's completely understandable. This is them doing things no one wants, several players have expressed their concern/dislike for putting a limit on the chat anyway. Majority of people simply asked for the block list limit to be removed, no one asked for this. So this is all NCSoft's doing, and again, testing, testing, they didn't test, they just threw the patch on there. No one is asking for anything perfect so I don't know what
  10. Again you're talking as if this is some sort of charity thing. I had no problem playing on the TW servers, they brought it here to get more money. Hence the freemium and us having to pay for free features. I never said it was an easy fix, my gripe is that they didn't even test the patch. As a coder (Yes I code) you test things before you just slap them on live servers. If they tested it they would've saw the issue and had to extend maintenance, and if you've read ANY of the replies you could see where I preferred they extend maintenance instead of this. Because now we have to play with a br
  11. At this point it's not complaining, it's just about the basic principle. 90% of the time NA gets a game we have to pay for a lot of features that are free in the original. Publishers gouge the heck out of our pockets, come up with these freemium servers (Monthly subs on f2p games) and then make us pay for free stuff. How is that even fair?
  12. Faction and region chat are broken outside of the dungeon finder lobby. However in the dungeon finder lobby, it's full of spammers.
  13. They were *kind* enough? This is a business and this version you have to actually shell out more money than the others. SO please don't try and make it like they are doing this out the kindness of their heart. Mistakes do happen but this is amateur at best. They took the game down for 5 and a half hours and didn't even test the patch. Testing the patch, you would've known something was up.
  14. Region chat works in the dungeon finder lobby (not the arena lobby though) and it's still full of gold seller spam.
  15. I just did 3v3 and no one else would load in but me. However it moved all of us to the arena just fine and things were normal. You just can't see the players.
  16. From what I recall on the other servers there is normal 3v3s I could've sworn it was there at launch as well (I could be wrong). When are we getting that here? I don't really like the tag team too much.
  17. I'm not sure about that, I still can't buy stuff from the store. It keeps saying "You've exceeded your purchase limit"
  18. It's not lagging for me. " All of this is just silly, it's like they didn't even test the patch.
  19. I have no clue why they're acting like some brand new publisher. They have several MMOs that have been around for YEARS. In Aion, they put the block until level 10, bots leveled past it. Now the limit is level 20, bots still level past it, why do they think that would be a solution?
  20. Wait, so it's STILL full of gold sellers? Lol Now I know you can't get rid of them but jfc. All they are doing is hindering the actual players. They just need to remove the block list limit until they can figure out a way to get things under control.
  21. A lot of people use faction chat, we just block the spammers.
  22. I don't want peace from the spammers if it means non of us can use the chat feature. D:
  23. Lol you guys are right, there's no spamming now. But I mean come on! Did they not test the patch?
  24. So why not give it more time to translate? I'd rather them take a bit longer than to break the entire chat. Guild chat also does not work now, and now they're going to have to take the game down again. All chat functions except for whispers (Haven't tried it) are broken.
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