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  1. Here you can pay for extra character slots. I thought when you said you were at max that you already bought those.
  2. I'm a chick so if you're trying to say I'm "white knighting" for chicks, try again. You're the only one actually being aggressive for no reason. Again, a hit dog hollers the loudest, if it doesn't apply to you, move around. You're the only one here getting butthurt over something OTHER MEN have said. Everyone else disagreed like an adult, nope, not you...
  3. If they run this game like they do Aion (I believe NcSoft developed both right? Correct me if I'm wrong) we most likely won't be getting new character slots. :<
  4. How did I personally equate anything to anything? All I did was say what males have said to me. Try again, especially since I don't care about censorship, if I wanted to play A G rated game, I wouldn't be here. A hit dog hollers the loudest, if you can't get laid that's not my problem. It's not really just my "friends" I've seen the same thing on several threads. Since in almost every MMO (surprised it's not here yet) there's that one thread of "Why do guys play girl characters?"
  5. Not trying to be argumentative, I honestly don't understand what the issue is. Is it that you don't want to PvP? I'd hope not as this is a heavily pvp orientated game. Which is why some of the end game stuff involves PvP, it'd be silly to go to a PvP game and not like it. Or is it because you're on the losing faction? If that's the case most of the time one faction is going to be the "loser" so to speak. Getting ganked is going to happen, losing faction or not. Dying in a game isn't all that bad, not sure why people act like it's the end of the world. For your faction dailies, i
  6. Last I checked they don't stress off of it as much. I play with A lot of dudes, each one actually plays a male char with the exception of 2 (the ones that don't get laid). According to all of them, the ones that constantly play girl chars and put them in skimpy clothing, make their boobs large etc. Are the ones that don't get laid regularly and it basically consumes their thoughts. In every MMO I've played (almost all of them), in every guild I've joined, they have all said and agreed upon this. Yes girls like eye candy but majority aren't visual that's even why Po*n (not sure if we can say
  7. I'm not sure where to really post this, so if it doesn't belong here sorry in advance! I'm looking to reroll on a server/faction that's actually progressive and does open world content. I'm seeing/hearing a lot about factions taking down terrors and attempting the BlackWyrm. Unfortunately the cerulean faction on Jiwan doesn't really do anything instead of take pictures of their character's butt. The Crimson wrecks us 99% of the time with everything open world related and that side is mostly BRs, which is sad. So any suggestions?
  8. Like most games, this game is targeted to the stereotypical (read as can't get laid) males. Majority of those type of guys want to constantly stare at boobs and butts so yeah. =T
  9. Lup


    You should've picked your server after you customized your character.
  10. Going to need you to be more original than a "u mad bro" I personally don't care if Australians get servers, it doesn't remove NA servers. My point is, you guys are complaining to the wrong people and you guys obviously don't understand how things work. Also since smarts obviously isn't your strong suit. Having more servers in more locations (Since NA is huge) gives people that aren't living in the southern states better ping. Like several people from all countries have stated, this is a ping dependent game. I played FFXIV the servers there are located in Canada, I live in Louisiana.
  11. Archeage has charms and things to improve your weapon/gear that aren't dropped in game. If you can go "faster" that means f2p players can still do it right? P2W means f2p people don't have an option to do it, they HAVE to pay for it. Going faster isn't a win, it's not a race. The only thing you can do to go faster is buy keys, that's it.
  12. From playing Aion for years, they aren't going to lower anything until the game is nearly dead. People on Aion asked for lower costumes for years, since there you can only skin them once and that's it. They're around the same price as here. One way to get businesses to listen to you, is for everyone to stop buying things.
  13. P2W = Buying extreme advancements like gear, upgrade tokens for gear/weapons etc that don't drop in game. This game doesn't have that, this game is pay to go faster is all.
  14. For those of you thinking this is a global release, it's not. If it were they would do like Tree of Savior and every other global release and say it's a global release! This is for the NA and EU region, other people are just allowed to play. But you can't get mad if they don't have stuff for you, since they never claimed to cater for your region. NA/EU people need more servers before they start giving servers to a region they don't even cater too. This is why BDO is IP blocking you guys, cause ya'll don't seem to understand how business, contracts, and regional support works. Yes it's cr
  15. If they intended to bring it to the west, there would be Auz servers too. They intended to bring it to the Na/EU player base. Before they brought it out, back when they weren't bringing it here. They specifically said the NA/EU playerbase would want to much changed and that they wouldn't make enough money off us. This isn't NCSoft global, this is for NA/EU people. Thats why NONE of their games have servers outside of the NA/EU WoW has about 6-8 million people right? And when it came out it had around 10million?(Right?). Each of those people had to buy the game, then pay for a sub, then pay
  16. Actually they didn't advertise as hard as you think. A LOT of us didn't know it was coming to NA/EU unless we were still playing the game on the other servers. I usually play and keep up with the latest games coming out. I didn't hear of BnS coming here until almost release. Because they told us, we weren't getting it because we're cry babies lol. (Paraphrasing) So a lot of people gave up hope and just stopped paying attention to it all together.
  17. A lot of Na/EU people didn't even know the game was coming out unless they forceably kept up with it through the communities on the other servers. Last a lot of people heard, NcSoft wasn't bringing it out for the NA/EU crowd.
  18. What's "boring" is subjective. However the single player feel is due to the modern (read as lazy) gamer wanting things to feel that way. They don't want super hard content where they have to make friends and party up. They want everything to be fast and solo-able. The gold sellers are an issue in every MMO just block them.
  19. All they did was hinder actual low level players. Remove the freaking block limit until you can figure something out NcSoft! ><
  20. Lup

    Normal 3v3?

    Anyone? I hate how quiet NCSoft is when it comes to stuff like this. I just want normal 3v3s!
  21. I'm not sure about making them "sexy" but I would like something other than a balloon suit/potato sack.
  22. Well, these aren't global servers. They're NA/EU servers, they just didn't IP block but they aren't going to worry about catering to people outside the targeted region.
  23. I swear it's like you people don't read. Blizzard makes WAY MORE money than NCSoft NA/EU WAAAYYYY more. Blizzard is also an American based company so they can actually make decisions without asking anyone else. NcSoft West (Na/Eu) isn't the main branch, it's not headquarters. They have to ask NcSoft Korea, and if NcSoft korea doesn't see money in it or can't afford it. (Remember they have to set up contracts, review country laws, etc)Then they aren't going to do it. All of that is out of NcSoft West's hands. How is that selfish? Contrary to popular belief these servers are not internat
  24. It's almost impossible to get rid of gold sellers. The only way to really get rid of them is for players to not buy any gold and we all know the chances of that happening are slim to none. However, I simply don't understand why they won't remove the block list limit. 50 is such a small number and half the time I end up unblocking bots that are still spamming ><. Not to mention in dungeon/arena lobby. If the list is full you can't bring up the block list to remove people to block the spammers there. It's just all so stupid, remove the block list limit please. .-.
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