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  1. it's official, you don't read at all. That was ONE of the points? The was THE main point. The title of the thread "Larger breasts" let me quote AGAIN the OP.
  2. I just click the quote button and whatever pops up, pops up. The forums are really buggy, I hope they fix that sometime soon. I read several pages and even commented on it. "Omg instead of just admitting I was wrong, let me ask if she's on medication. Because no man ever will ever play a girl char to stare at her boobs. That's just unheard of" I can't tell if you're serious or autistic. I never said anything about the clothing, I don't care about the clothing, the topic of MY discussion was never about the clothing. So before you tell someone to grow up, perhaps
  3. Yep, you're proof that the saying is true, here are countless of men saying something and you're like "No this can't be". It's really sad, but that's your life. And I never claimed that there aren't any men at all that don't play this game or girl chars for other reasons. There are transwomen that play female chars because that's their only escape to being the real them until surgery. However, it's not the majority of men, it's just simply not and most men will agree. There's even a thread with a lot of men agreeing. There's a dude in this thread agreeing, like jfc.
  4. Are bigger breast not getting added? Didn't majority of the men there agree with the bigger breast? Weren't his original points still valid? Ok then. Thanks.
  5. Do you really think most men saw this game and went "Hmm, I bet this game has a great story line" especially with how it was marketed? The dude in the other thread was right, most men saw large boobs and said "yep lets play this game" This game is known as "Boobs and thigh high socks". Here's the rest of it, but reading doesn't seem to be you guy's strong point. And he's not wrong.
  6. Jesus Christ, it's like it's a sin for men to be sexually attracted to women. Get over yourself dude, not all men are some morally innocent creature that never looks at women. Or that don't play female char's to look at their parts. This is life, Get. Over. it. That thread has 11 pages of mostly men agreeing and wanting larger boobs. You're done.
  7. What the heck are you talking about? That's an actual thread, here's the link. Larger Breasts Size Yes according to THAT MAN that's why he downloaded and played the game.
  8. Not all the men I mentioned were my friends, again some where randoms on different threads, articles. I never said they were my facts, just that I'd believe them, who would know better than them? Also, here's some more men that are playing girl characters for not the reasons you guys claim.
  9. I don't see the problem, if you don't want bigger breasts, don't max them out? I never max the breast out on my char, I don't like it. Options are wonderful aren't they?
  10. "You're sexist men play this game because it has a good story" "You're a feminist men don't play this game to look at breast" "Skimpy clothing isn't why men play this game" ROFLMFAO!!! Source:
  11. Larger Breasts Size BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. BAM. POW. BOOM. /done All further replies can be sent to the complaint department which is that way ---->
  12. Oh don't try that "don't ASSume" BS cause you said I was a dude and that I was white knighting, then when I said I was a girl you denied it and said I was a dude. You're hypocritical and irrelevant and you're mad because some men busted out your secret lol. Get. Over. It.
  13. Someone stated an opinion I don't agree with, let me call them an idiot and cry "bait" Never said what women should wear or have to wear, don't know what you're talking about. Again I said women wear make up to LOOK CUTE is that not part of looking sexually attractive? Someone said women are visual thats why they wear make up. I said that doesn't make sense unless they're lesbians since women don't wear make up to get off on other women, not the hetero ones usually. I never spoke about virgin males. I even said "dudes that can't get laid regularly" virgins haven't had a
  14. Me talking about that guy not being able to get laid was because he got so mad at about it. So Yeah I poked at him about it, only people that are guilty of something get that mad lmao. As far as everything else I don't see your point. *shrugs* Boom look at the word "regularly" thus clarifying no one is even talking about virgins. Also like stated earlier, this is what dudes tell me. Take your L, move around lmao.
  15. When people speak of "visual stimulation" in this sense they make like actual graphic images. If women were just as visual graphically porn would be catered to them as well, the same with video games like this. But it's not, they have books and other things for that since that's what sells more with women. Jesus, calm down being trigger. I said on AVERAGE I never said "All women are like this" or "All men are like this" Going to need to guys to come up with an insult better than "feminist" because I'm not. You guys are just a bunch of butthurt SJWs that are mad because OTHER MEN said th
  16. It's like you guys don't read, I never said only lesbians wear make up to look sexually attractive. I said women don't ware make up to get off on each other UNLESS they're lesbian. Do you guys seriously read? Like honestly at all? Also when people say they "can't get laid" it's not the same as saying "I've never been laid" A dude that's had sex with several women but goes through a "dry spell" will say "Man I can't get laid" that phrase as something to do with a time period, not being a virgin. Nothing about virgins stated there. Nice try. Jfc. I personally nev
  17. Where is the virgin males? Where is anything in there that says virgin males? And sloots? I'll wait.
  18. You're still mad about that? Jesus dude get over it.
  19. Someone stated opinions of others that are different than mine, let me call it bait. When it comes to sexual stimulation there's loads of studies that shows your average woman isn't as visual as a male. Women wear make up to look pretty, not to get off on each other (unless they're lesbian). No one said anything about virgin males, where did you get that from? Also they were the ones talking about it, it's not something I care about. One guy mentioned how dudes always play girl characters and put them in underwear. Thus the conversation between THEM started.
  20. It seems like the guys always get the short end when it comes to "sexy" outfits
  21. I don't think there should be a penalty. When I go to the lower levels, I don't kill lowbies because I personally don't find that fun. However, that doesn't stop a lot of lowbies from trying to gang up on me, so if I kill them I should be penalized?
  22. No need to apologize, let me make things clear. This is in regards to a statement I made way earlier about guys that insist on making female character's sleezy. All of the guys I've played with in my years of MMOs (which is a lot) plus all the different forums I've read about guys that do that. State that is usually dudes that can't get laid, etc. I don't see why guys would lie about something like that on other guys. OP's post was asking about sleezy characters and since video games are mainly targeted to guys and sex sells when it comes to guys, etc etc. Eh I just copied and p
  23. I'm going to need you to stop being so butthurt over your lack of sex (because that has to be your issue for you to get his mad) and read. Notice how I said that's what other men have said. I have no reason to lie about being a chick, that's really retarded. I never said dudes that play this game, play it because they can't get laid. I said other males have stated dude that play girl chars and insist upon them being sleezy are like that. Reading is fundamental. But again, look how other people disagree like normal people and here you are foaming at the mouth over something other men have sa
  24. It's actually not as small as people think, but I'd agree it's not a large majority. But different people, on different games saying the same stuff? I don't understand why they would lie about something like that.
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