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  1. New dueling system BROKEN!!!

    wow thx
  2. New dueling system BROKEN!!!

    Another thing to add is the importance of stating all the facts that are essential for the playerbase instead of leaving us in the dark like blind crickets
  3. New dueling system BROKEN!!!

    Title says it all. Technically locked out of content. Unable to select legend mode in any way whatsoever. It's absolutely greyed out. I did everything I could, picked up "Becoming a Legend" quest from J the next day after maintenance. F8-ed into arena lobby and this is what I was greeted with. Don't tell me this is forbidden for players below or equal to Gold rank in pvp coz that is not fair and the last strain to make me quit this unfair game for good! Nowhere in patch notes was it indicated that this would be whale/git-güd exclusive! This is beyond ridicolous that we can't experience first hand something new just for the fun of it. I'm utterly disappointed and demand an outright explanation from the developers and staff themselves!
  4. Forum Emoticons Now Available

  5. Worst event ever, isn't it?

    Do tell me which hours in PST. Because I sure can't find peace and quiet no matter which channel I go 24/7.
  6. Here we have this GUNNER legit SOLOING REALMRIFT!

    can't disagree with that. as much as it pains me to say it.
  7. No gold in the currency exchange

    Last time i sold gold was a 1k batch for the so-called pricecap of 1.8hc. And back then we were crying about the 1:5 then later on 1:3 rates. Good times. However with this arbitrary 1:2 rate I felt extremely bad since I believe we as the sellers should be the ones to be in control of the prices. Whether it is up or down, we should be able to sell at whatever rate we see fit when nobody else is selling instead of the developers indulging in with their preset limits. If it goes down to the ground of worthlessness then so be it, that's on us but i just cannot stand the developers, game advisors and those higher up the ladder are meddling into our affairs when they themselves have little to no understanding of the game mechanics. Sure the taxes are reasonable, even so no other sane mmos do this kind of dictatorship regarding currency exchange prices. But I do agree, it should be completely terminated from the game at this point. It makes many of use bitter to the point of quitting temporarily and in worse cases permanently of our own volition.
  8. Here we have this GUNNER legit SOLOING REALMRIFT!

    Interesting but yeah.
  9. Here we have this GUNNER legit SOLOING REALMRIFT!

    Implying... I can't even do regular BSC without being carried in a team and I'm not proud of that. #noobforlifesadface
  10. Here we have this GUNNER legit SOLOING REALMRIFT!

    I stopped reading there. He was already inside the dungeon to begin with. Probably to avoid all the hassle of loading screens since that would not have made for an entertaining video if all we see is a running chipmunk.
  11. Here we have this GUNNER legit SOLOING REALMRIFT!

    I don't see any problem. Looks like Realmrift to me.
  12. Realmrift Supply Chain is way too hard for an event

    If this Gunner could solo it then there is no way you can't do it with 5 other people.
  13. And they said artillerymen were bad. Goes to show that there are still good players out there, regardless of their class.
  14. These outfit rotations.. -.-'

    i want zulia outfit and hair too. tyvm
  15. indeed. well said friend.