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  1. i got that error too, but the i try disabling my antivirus, firewall, anti malware and anti spyware program. and also i disable my mouse binding software (razer), and somehow that solved the problem and i can play just fine :)
  2. Maune we get to that area in the future lvl 50/content.
  3. pay to win is if the book can only be bought from the store, and not from the drop cause the book is drop in a dungeon, then it's not p2w, more like grind2win
  4. 13800 petitions, if only 30% from those buy premium. that's an income of $50.000 per month... it's very good opportunity ncsoft !!
  5. wow, all those "i quit, and i must share why i quit on the forum, so everyone know that i quit, and try to prevent me to quit, and the dev see that i quit, and they will listen to me cause i quit, and they will make the game like i wanted to cause i will quit the game if they dont, and others people will also quit, cause the reason i quit is also experienced by other people in the game, and i must make them quit too, cause i'm important and they will follow me to quit the game"
  6. buy ncoins digital vouchers from amazon
  7. i think it's happening again, i got an error 200 while trying to login edit : after 3 tries, i can enter the game. i guess my isp just sucks sometimes.
  8. my game is currently on my hdd D:\games, i wanna move it to my ssd E:\games how to do it ? any registry to change ??
  9. will there be one ? gonna be awesome. and to be fair, make it so only account with at least 1 lvl 45 that can use that item. i think it's gonna be usefull for an alt-oholic people that want to have multiple alt but don't want to level up the same storyline again
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