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  1. i never have any problems with bots, so far for me at least they : - make things cheaper in marketplace - make killing world boss faster - free zenbean from arena bots is not the real problem. why ban them ? the real problem is those that exploit 1 or 2 dungeon door, those player need to be banned permanently
  2. this is a naming and shaming thread, and op can be banned for making this thread. those video of player can get them shamed in the game. besides, the gm is focusing on those player that glitch the dungeon door, and they're very busy banning those player. so please, let the gm focus on what's really matters and important
  3. because of bns i uninstall tera, wow, ffxiv, wildstar, and gw2. bns is much more superior then all those mmo this game is good, the dev is awesome, and it's the best community i have ever play with and the server is always full packed with lots of people. i love it !!
  4. well, at least those bots didn't glitch a dungeon door. and they helped push the prices of stuff down.
  5. i got that error too, but the i try disabling my antivirus, firewall, anti malware and anti spyware program. and also i disable my mouse binding software (razer), and somehow that solved the problem and i can play just fine :)
  6. you must be new to an MMO game... because almost all MMO is like that
  7. agreed that's why i planned to make 7 summoner :)
  8. the GM is busy focusing all their time and strength on banning dungeon door exploiter :)
  9. lots of english speaking SEA player in NA-POHARAN. try that one.
  10. lots of english speaking SEA player in NA-POHARAN server
  11. chinmi


    whoa, edit that post OP a moderator could close this thread and ban you for naming and shaming those player and because you name and shame more then one player you could be permanently banned from the game
  12. ban 1 bot = 1 or 2 more will be creater = not effective and efficient ban 1 exploiter = 1 will stop playing = his exploiter friends could stop playing too = very effective and efficient that's why ncsoft focus is banning the dungeon door exploiter first. they're the worst kind of player in the game, they're ruining the dungeon experience for everyone. so focusing on banning them is the most effective and efficient right now.
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