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  1. been asking for this since launch staff doesn't seem to care because (according to them) it doesn't affect the majority of players
  2. lol that doesn't stop the hackers from emptying your inventory and gold.. but hey, your character is still there!
  3. afkers/bots and the upgrade wall does it for me afkers/bots ruin the cross server dungeon experience upgrade wall proves to be too much of a time sink for casual players like myself...
  4. always been a grind... MMO devs don't have any new ideas other than power/gear creeping and repeat
  5. this backwards game will ban the OP for name shaming instead
  6. or just implement a vote-kick system based on majority vote, disabled during auction, and hide character details
  7. annoying bug still exists happen to me today after queueing for a party
  8. google "nvidia optimus" and see if it's the root of your problems basically, make sure the game is using your nvidia graphics card and not the intel integrated graphics card
  9. forum software is glitchy... keep logging me in and out at random F5 and i'll be logged back in.... weird
  10. wow, if it were me, i would just give up trying to buy it i already work for my money, i'm not going to work some more to spend it
  11. in TERA, a party wide vote is needed to change loot options this is common sense
  12. they close their ears, we close our wallets i'm playing for free until i feel like it's worth it
  13. they should stop catering to those who don't even play the game... *cricket* those opinions
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