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  1. We are trying to farm BBBB and he is not spawning? has something changed? is something broken? Yesterday he would spawn after the 2nd baylee died (in the past it used to be after every 3rd baylee died, guessing this changed when the timers on beast bog were shortened?) I killed 7 BBBB yesterday and today NOTHING wtf?
  2. I thought id see what the rate of evolved stone drops was in game. I have over 200 boxes with a chance to produce evolved stones.
  3. We are seeking new members, don't care about your level, however you should be active and willing to participate in discord and clan runs of dungeons. We are a clan that teaches new members the game along with teaching you how to run dungeons. We believe in give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for life, so no hand outs to be found here. We share loot in dungeons or bid on at a fair market price. We are the only blue clan who will do SSP mine phase and PVP in SSP. If you enjoy Blade and Soul and you want to play with some fun people, hit me up in game.
  4. The drop rate is ^&#$, buy all the evolved stones you can right now, because expect these to cost 10-15 gold each once the glut that people have saved up clears out and people realize they still all need 1000+ of these.
  5. MSP kick button abuse

    Only join the MSPP groups of people who are reputable. Or create your own groups.
  6. I'm having a issue with several GMs and id like to share my correspondence with them through a youtube video. Would doing so be a TOS violation?
  7. 6v6 Battleground Matchmaking System Requests

    If you are always matched with people who don't know what they are doing and you always lose....
  8. Server Freeze and DC

    Still disconnecting and now missing out on GHS.
  9. Opening 200 Fall Treasure Troves

    There's snow outside my window.
  10. lets see what goodies we can get
  11. Server Freeze and DC

    Reboot the servers...
  12. Regarding the recent server instability

    Cant even get into game right now, just disconnects me at the character select screen.
  13. Regarding the recent server instability

    Yea been getting disconnects lately, last night one came as I was about to hand in my cold storage dynamic, so that cost me a wasted cold storage reset. Just got disconnected twice in a row right now.
  14. Why is Soulstone Plains so poorly designed?

    You may be too weak to do ssp if the terrors are killing you. As for the prestige points, well if the mob has 200 and theres 30 people attacking him, you arent going to get much, even if you are doing the most damage. What you can do is organize your faction, get them to fill a CH and that will generate another. now you guys can split your numbers, more points to go around. If you are trying to earn soulstones you should just run dungeons and buy soulstones. last night they were selling for 11 silver each, 1 asura run will let you buy 50 soulstones. If you are too weak, join a clan who will carry you.