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  1. In a world of chaos and disarray, brother and sister save the day... me and little sister again :3
  2. Oops! Completely forgot aha thanks for reminding me...but pls help me idk how to hide text
  3. I really like the Junghado/Yunma Fei/Yu Chun trio because of their relationship with each other. Yu Chun's jealously of Junghado is cute but Junghado's unfaltering puppy-like loyalty to Yunma Fei is even cuter! :3
  4. so a lot of ppl on the forum seem to rly be into traps.... thought I'd try making one :P they are very smoll. I probably won't use this preset ever though since my slots are full and I have no money for more. if someone wants to use, hmu!
  5. even the black rose can't stop my dancing
  6. uhm?? where has this thread been my whole life??? it was made for me, I'll never let it die take my children
  7. She cute 8^) I only like Lyns lol
  8. my not so gloomy pretty boy wl (rip me I'm at moonwater plains but my weapon is only at blight cause I can't get corrupt razor, someone cry w me)
  9. I am infinitely thankful I didn't have such a challenging time getting this, 2nd run ftw \m/ (sorry. you can do it! I believe in you)
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