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  1. In a world of chaos and disarray, brother and sister save the day... me and little sister again :3
  2. I main lbm but got an alt wl to 45 (for the lvl up event) and kfm to 50 and I really like kfm alot!!! But gearing alts costs so much... all the money has to go to my main first, kindda sucks this game seems so alt unfriendly X( After lvl 50 patch I actually finished story quest on my kfm first cause I was having so much fun! But when I switched back to do story on my main I kept messing up and pressing all the buttons for kfm skills lol. I felt really stupid whenever I tried to counter and remember "oh yeah, I'm not playing kfm anymore, oops" I think after playing a class for a while
  3. Oops! Completely forgot aha thanks for reminding me...but pls help me idk how to hide text
  4. I really like the Junghado/Yunma Fei/Yu Chun trio because of their relationship with each other. Yu Chun's jealously of Junghado is cute but Junghado's unfaltering puppy-like loyalty to Yunma Fei is even cuter! :3
  5. Haven't played bm so I wouldn't know, but lbms can't use draw stance LmB/RmB unless there's a target. So, we can't do a 'casual slash to the air' to stay in draw stance. You're just in draw stance until you go out of combat mode (i.e. not get hit by an enemy + not attacking)/run out of chi/use a skill that takes you out of it. Normally, I wouldn't think of this as a bug either and just the draw stance 'timer' running out, except this bug always happened while doing mushin's tower. And as you know, while fighting bosses in the tower, you're pretty much constantly in combat mode unt
  6. so a lot of ppl on the forum seem to rly be into traps.... thought I'd try making one :P they are very smoll. I probably won't use this preset ever though since my slots are full and I have no money for more. if someone wants to use, hmu!
  7. Child-like race or not, it's weird that there's a few outfits that give female Lyn breasts since I'm pretty sure Lyn are a race that don't even have breasts? Basically, it's like how in cartoon shows with animal characters, the female animal will be given human like breasts...even though in reality most female and male animal bodies look similar. That's why it seems kindda ridiculous for female Lyn to have outfits that give them breasts.
  8. I know other people have this problem too and I haven't seen it get fixed yet so posting here. Basically, while in draw stance you'll randomly be taken out of draw stance even if you're at full chi and haven't used any skills that take you out of it. Sometimes while you're in draw stance the stamina bar flashes green, taking you out of combat, then you're put back into combat mode but in basic stance and have to wait for the cd again. Most noticeable/annoying vs bosses. Hopes this gets fixed soon.
  9. Good party composition helps, try to find kfm for blue buff and warlock for soulburn. Irrelevant, but I don't think I've ever seen lbm stand for 'little blade master' only lyn blade master, lol. Little blade master sounds cute :3
  10. even the black rose can't stop my dancing
  11. uhm?? where has this thread been my whole life??? it was made for me, I'll never let it die take my children
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