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  1. Obiligatory Lyn Male Lover's Show Off Thread.

    That is a next level trap, 10/10. I gotta make one of these now.
  2. [Question} Isn't this illegal

    Mmm, I guess, but seeing as how it doesn't harm NCSoft nor does it harm any other players, its going to be hard to argue that this is something worth a ban. If you're just genuinely curious about what NCSoft thinks about it though, then I'll get on that boat. It's good to know for sure, after all.
  3. [Question} Isn't this illegal

    I don't think this is illegal either since its an agreement between two people that doesn't affect anything on a competitive level. I think its impressive that people can resist the urge to get their daily complete first then run away.
  4. stronger faster deadly

    I have always hated transformations/modes/forms in any game and have stayed away from classes that rely on them. The reason is that you will inevitably focus everything around that transformation and keeping it active as long as possible, which is fine if that's the point, but its not my cup of tea. Also, these "transformations" inevitably use separate models/designs from the character and mean that any aesthetic customization you do (be it hair and face choices to costumes you wear) end up being pointless because they aren't displayed in transformation. Or worse, they implement a system where there is separate and unique customization for the transformation, but it is generally locked behind cash shop and/or require you to invest double the amount of resources customizing the same character. Examples are Angelic Buster from Maplestory and the LuCiel character in Elsword (though the latter isn't as much a transformation as it is a 2 in 1 character).
  5. Most populated Servers

    Mush still has queues every now and then I think. After that definitely Poharan.
  6. Tfw More p2w than china

    How can I be ballin' like you?
  7. I don't get why people go: Step 1: Purchase a shitton of RNG boxes. Logic dictates that the drop rate of the best item is extremely low to promote more purchases of said RNG boxes. Step 2: Proceed to open them all and surprise surprise, do not get anything of considerable value for the amount spent. Step 3: Complain as if anyone is to blame for their decision to spend money on these things. Unless Hime showed up at your door, put a gun to your forehead and said "Buy loot boxes or die", ain't nobody responsible for your losses except you. You took a risk, a risk with very low chances of paying off, and now that it predictably failed, the pitchforks and torches are out because you suddenly realized that NCSoft is a business and is actually after your MONEY, not your continued financial stability. Edit: Oh I forgot to add, RNG Boxes still suck, and you shouldn't buy them. You'll live without looking like a time traveller in an Eastern fantasy setting.
  8. Brother Hajoon

    Haha, No problem, it takes a bit a of time before it becomes muscle memory, Good luck with assassin, its a fun class.
  9. Uhh, do you start BnS from a shortcut? If that's the case the launcher should ask you to log in and then notify you there's an update. If not, and you installed BnS using another method, you'll need the launcher to implement patches. You can get it through the download button at the top of this page.

    There was a guy who spent $100 on boxes yesterday and didn't get the outfit. This is why I don't do loot boxes yo. It's like going to the casino, blowing all your money on the slots, then saying "I SPENT ALL MY MONEY ON THIS MACHINE AND NEVER WON". Well duh. RNGesus.
  11. Okay well, there was a patch with the maintenance last night, so you'll have to patch that using the launcher first mate. Then you should be good to go.
  12. This the first time you're having this issue? Are you launching blade and soul through the NCsoft launcher?
  13. Locked Stalker Weapon?

    Keep opening boxes till you get your class' weapon. After that it's a waste unless you're looking to feed your hongmoon weapon. There are other weapon boxes later on as well, so those will be used to feed your hongmoon weapon at the higher stages.
  14. NC west Folder empty.

    Where does the NCLauncher show up when you've finished installing it? Also, there should be a way of launching BnS without using the NC Launcher. I can't give you it directly but some people may or may not use it to use foreign voice files in the NA client. If you can somehow get your hands on that you might avoid the issue entirely.
  15. Brother Hajoon

    Kind of a weird question buuuut, it was real basic stuff. 1 -> LB Z ->Z -> Tab Q (Resist) -> LB -> RB Z -> Tab -> Z -> 1 -> LB Or something like that. TBH you can come up with more creative stuff yourself.