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  1. Hi all, I was wondering if I could get some help with my lvl 31 blade master character, last time I logged in other than today was in Feb of 2016. What type of new things were implemented? How do I do the soul shard fusion? Hongmoon accessory fusions(they are level 5, which is the max for me)? What type of effects for skills would be best for a PvE blade master(I used to be able to solo the Golden Deva enemy, now i die when it has 1/4 hp left)? Also, if there are any guilds that do a lot of instances, but aren't into the whole Guild v. Guild drama(last game I played regularly really turned me off of MMO's because an opposing guild took the game way too seriously), it would be appreciated if I knew which ones were which. Thank you in advance for helping me out. Edit: I seriously do not remember much of anything about this game other than how the combat system is, and even that makes me hesitate because I cant remember what skills combo into other skills
  2. Fix the bidding system please

    With the whole troll and over pricing their bid to trick people, all they have to do is leave the zone and it cancels their bid and the item is basically lost

    I guess I just lucked out because you don't have to map the 360 controller, everything is set pre-determined.... Only issue I have with it is since there are so many skills and a set amount of buttons, you need to use LB or RB along with other buttons to do some moves, heck, the F button on the keyboard is RB+RT on the controller

    Am I the only one who uses a 360 controller for this game? It feels so much more natural and easier than keyboard and mouse
  5. Everything is so expensive

    I have like 40 something dumplings, and 50~ healing tonics if I recall correctly, never bought a single one, got them all from dailies and chests at the end of dungeons(single chest always contains a dumpling, tonic, and repair tool)
  6. Actually quite easy if he got a RAT shadow installed on his computer, with a RAT you can watch a person's monitor and see what they see