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  1. New player Dawnforged

    No problem, happy to help (^.^)
  2. New player Dawnforged

    You can get it from a Lyn NPC called Junsorei, he is found in Jadestone Village and Mushin's Tower. You can go to the 2nd tab to buy the Dawnrift Weapon Selection Chest, then choose either Riftwalk or Dawnforged (depending on your build).
  3. I am sorry...

    Aulann, it is very admirable that you are openly sharing your story and admitting your mistakes, which is definitely not an easy thing to do. That was extremely humble and mature of you, and I commend you for that. Thank you for being a good example in the B&S community, which hasn't always had the best reputation. I hope others can learn from this and take after your example to be a kinder player if they aren't already. Be the positive change in the world, because by golly, this world needs it! Your post was an encouraging read, thank you and blessings.
  4. Upgrade path confusion

    Yep, the Lyn NPC is called Junsorei, and you can go to the 2nd tab to buy the Weapon Selection Chest (either Riftwalk or Dawnforged depending on your build).
  5. Emotes menu missing?

    You have to wear the Requiem outfit (black Hongmoon outfit) in order to make the /mourn command work.