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  1. How do the Yun reproduce?

    I would think that they would reproduce asexually, like Aphids.
  2. sex change?

    Ooh you savage, AlrightBlade xd
  3. sex change?

    Best comment ever. AHAHAHA
  4. No EXP for general killing?

    Oh, so like not in everdusk?
  5. So do we not get exp for just killing mobs?
  6. Fix the queue times.

    Exactly! I can hardly keep up with the forum becuase it goes so quick haha
  7. Fix the queue times.

    Oosh, chuck me your Founder title fam? I came a couple days late. #440 for me on Mushin
  8. Server down or crashed ?

    Alright time to go to sleep. You haven't seen the last of me B&S....
  9. Here Is How You Fix The Gold Spammers Problem

    I don't think number 3 is a bad idea at all.
  10. Server down or crashed ?

    Oosh, water flavored candy (Francis Approved)
  11. Server down or crashed ?

    Yes, but isn't that better than them not saying anything at all? People are ungrateful and impatient.
  12. Server down or crashed ?

    People saying "They need to compensate us, they're nothing without our money" really baffles me. You can tell that they are a dedicated team, give them a break. They're giving us frequent updates, it's not like they chose for the servers to have issues. Yikes, clam down fam.
  13. Server down or crashed ?

    I don't see a need of compensation if it's only for a few hours.
  14. Server down or crashed ?

    Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you...
  15. Unthrusted page.

    Oh so dangerous,