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  1. No regrets!! My beautiful gunner~
  2. Not exactly what you guys want but here is the icons for the weapon skins, so at least you can see the design roughly. (Taken from here, not mine)
  3. Is this program causing anyone's game to just stop loading? I wanted to switch between my characters and now the loading screen is stuck. The game is still running though...
  4. GASP The first wl shares my sf's hair! :DD And yes we need more feminine boys in game please!
  5. My new SF! Me and 2 friends basically challenged each other to make young boys using male jin haha He earned the nickname "Pretty boy" from my friends in the end :'D
  6. Drew my summoner with my friend's warlock for Valentine! Happy Valentine guys! (Background template from BnS Twitter)
  7. My new characters, SF, BD and BM! For my BM I tried my best to recreate Ganguro (tanned skin, bleached hair and bright/pastel colours make up) fashion style on her! I just choose colours that doesn't stand out too much but instead blends well with her skin tone. It was hard choosing the right skin tone for her.
  8. My main summoner updated with Dreamcutter outfit and finally a weapon skin that matches her pink fluffy ears! Got lucky recently in Frostscale Basin wheel and got the outfit :D My warlock updated with his Temptation outfit! Feeling tempted? //punched My FM which I should stop ignoring and quickly level up- red really suits her. And my new Assassin! He is one cocky dude.
  9. My new FM! Finally completed the leveling event so now I shall enjoy a new class!
  10. My Warlock! Big BIG thanks to one of my dear friend who came back all the way from Moonwater Plains to help me farm for the outfit ; v;
  11. I also have a template for Warlock! I still need to perfect his aloof, cold look though. But that's when Warlock comes.
  12. I don't have much but I might get more for my future Warlock but here! For my Summoner: For my future Warlock! The Hello Kitty here is just for laughs since it feels awkward for the personality I had set for him lol But I really need the Hello Kitty for my summoner-
  13. My Summoner! I can stare at her for hours...
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