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  1. No regrets!! My beautiful gunner~
  2. Not exactly what you guys want but here is the icons for the weapon skins, so at least you can see the design roughly. (Taken from here, not mine)
  3. I managed to find a solution thanks to my brother, just go to chat settings and reset all settings. You will have to reset all your chat windows again. This is for future reference for those who might get the same problem as me.
  4. I tried changing screen resolutions, decreasing UI scales....nothing makes the top come back down for me to move it. That is my combat chat by the way, I usually have it on top of my quest list at right but somehow it went to the top left. Please help as it will cover over my party UI. Thank you!
  5. Is this program causing anyone's game to just stop loading? I wanted to switch between my characters and now the loading screen is stuck. The game is still running though...
  6. GASP The first wl shares my sf's hair! :DD And yes we need more feminine boys in game please!
  7. My new SF! Me and 2 friends basically challenged each other to make young boys using male jin haha He earned the nickname "Pretty boy" from my friends in the end :'D
  8. Drew my summoner with my friend's warlock for Valentine! Happy Valentine guys! (Background template from BnS Twitter)
  9. I would choose either Stormbringer or Breeze. May I suggest the new weapon skin in the Duelist Bundle? It looks very nice. Here's a link. To be honest, every gauntlet/bracers skins will have clipping issue. I personally don't want to use Silver Deva because...well it is too common already lol
  10. I feel like the more maintenance BNS have, the more problems it cause instead. I got back in the game for a few minutes and I was disconnected again.
  11. Well I give up on BNS now, keep getting error starting up launcher, and when I finally get in? Disconnected at character selection screen. I tried solutions I found but nope it didn't helped.
  12. For me, my issue with constant high ping spikes and dcs was solved yesterday with the help of the support team. But that didn't last long. I did played for a few hours at least, until I got dced in Dreamdrift and when I tried to log back in I got dced again when loading into the game. I hope this Wednesday's maintenance will solve this issue sigh
  13. I remade my KFM to a SF recently and wanted to get him a level 50 weapon to use as skin. But as I want to unseal it, the game doesn't allow as my character level is too low. But previously, all my new characters can unseal weapons that are higher level than them to be use as skin (just can't equip). So is this change intended as part of the new weapon skin system?
  14. @newbiez Glad to know I'm not the only one, I just sent in a support ticket. Now all we can do is wait I guess =/ I never really have this issue despite playing from SEA. Just ping problem but I manage. But now it is just unplayable. Happy first anniversary BNS...sigh
  15. I tried some fix I found on reddit and here, including totally turning off VPN on Windows 10 settings and disable everything in my msconfig but Microsoft programs. I can get into the game faster (before I tried the fix, BNS takes way longer to even show the PIN input window and launcher starts up slow too) but still getting high ping in the game and of course.....getting disconnected almost instantly. @newbiez I don't really care much about the event, I just want to spend more time with my clanmates and do my own stuffs leisurely in game. =.=
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