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  1. I also won't be upgrading until after this is formally addressed somehow -- either with an official patch/fix that changes existing behavior, or with a change to existing drop rates/acquisition of gem hammers so that it won't be an issue to work within the existing system. I don't want to upgrade now, find myself going to 1 gem socket, and then ... waiting for an indefinite period of time. My play time, financial investment rate (rate at which I spend money), they have tapered off as a result of this. I'm just not willing to be burned again. Or fight again. If it's not fixed in some "fair" way, because as I've said before this doesn't just "feel unfair," it is unfair -- then I won't be upgrading, and that pretty much translates to not playing, not resubbing, not spending. Definitely not paying ncoin for things even remotely like gem hammers.
  2. Game-Server Latency Issue Report Thread

    Apologies, Susumu, I did indeed open up a support ticket, and it went pretty much as you describe above. I went through troubleshooting various windows 8.1 things that could have been to blame, and none of them were (ipv6 stuff, power management, networking, dns, etc). I followed all support's requests/recommendations up to changing DNS but did not since I swapped out cable modems at the time and didn't want to do a dns change before I changed hardware, and I wasn't going to work with a friend who knows this stuff to decide what dns to use. Things stabilized even before I got the hardware swap done, I have to wonder at this point based on how things have gone *this* week when NCSoft has had gameguard running and when it has not been running. I'd really like to know :P so I could map it against when I've been having trouble, and when I have not been having trouble. The day NCSoft turned gameguard back on this week, I started disconnecting every hour and having furious lag spikes, lock ups in game, and basically the same issues I was having before. Now, I don't know if Level3 and dhcp and gameguard have something to do with this, but I am certain that gameguard being in the picture does have something to do with the disconnects, in-game lock-ups and lagging to death (literally). Game is unreliable and unplayable with gameguard on.
  3. You could try to get to the account management page and see if your password is still ok, I've never had trouble with account management even when the forum was being wonky. But forum auth *is* wonky. You can try to sign in 5-6 times in a row and it will loop, take the password and just go back to needing to sign in, without a failure message, just not succeeding. You can see the browser location bar go through aion, wildstar, all over their DNS, it's pretty messed up. When this happens (trying to sign in to forums from the upper right nav "sign in" button) I find that the only way I can authenticate successfully is going down to the bottom of a page and clicking where you'd sign in to reply to a post. Then it lets me in right away. No idea why this works, something is screwy with their single sign-on. Yes, I worry that it's insecure, but then we know they are using our game passwords for the forum and not securing our accounts with 2 step authentication so... meh.
  4. HUGE breaches in NCsoft account "security"

    Submitted a ticket (classified as billing) this morning to have my cc info removed referencing the security issues. They responded pretty promptly, within a hour or so, and asked for the last four digits of my cc number while coordinating with their point of sale folks. After providing that, within a few hours it was a done deal; got a note back saying next time I try to buy anything I will have to enter cc info. Did not try to buy anything though I suppose I should to see if it is really gone; but I have a print out of the ticket for future reference in case there *are* any issues. edit: yeah they entered garbage in for my cc number, so it's no longer in their system.
  5. The warnings only occur when you are on transformations where you will lose gems, as I understand it -- such at Oathbreaker or True Breeze. I do not know if you get prompted to remove gems if you try to do a transformation with gems prior to Blight, but I know you can lose sockets then as well. You can do transformations from right after Blight all the way up to anything before Oathbreaker or True Breeze without having to take gems out, like say hujikar or profane etc. No such documentation in game existed prior to 3/30, and the documentation that exists now just says it can happen but it does not specify where it will happen. The product description used to just say that you can only buy 5 a day, it changed on 3/30 to be more verbose with a "warning."
  6. I would be very happy if they used the survey data received to improve the game -- or better yet, took better surveys and allowed more text entry and didn't just recently gut the surveys themselves and shorten them. I'm sure their response would be as with many support tickets -- post your feedback in the forums, but that is neither blind feedback nor is it welcomed with open arms when moderator presence on the forums is so erratic, unpredictable. Feedback loops should be closed and continuous, and to some degree, transparent. We just don't see that. Whenever you aren't willing to be transparent with your customers it begs the question why. How to convince someone to develop an MMO this way.
  7. HUGE breaches in NCsoft account "security"

    Better security, and better atmosphere around what we're seeing as a result of security breeches. I realize people do cheat and come to the forums to complain about losing their accounts after they get banned for it, but when you consistently see things in the forums that amount to "I got hacked and didn't get restored at all" it doesn't leave much confidence. Yes, I can do everything I can to ensure my account's security. I can and do use strong passwords and good internet hygiene habits. But even when the company doesn't leave a backdoor this glaring as a means of access, systems still get hacked, and this is why good customer service typically has means in place to get players back on their feet afterwards. Now, maybe they are helping people who are honestly hacked and stolen from -- and we're just not seeing it, but on other games I've played the level of transparency exists where you understand where you stand and you know if you invest hundreds of hours and/or dollars in something it's protected.
  8. HUGE breaches in NCsoft account "security"

    I would also add the following: Don't save financial information with NCSoft. You cannot manually control this through account management, you have to send a support ticket in to get it removed. Doing so now might make it easier in the future to document that you took this action if you ever need to contest charges, also -- especially in light of this gaping security hole. And geez... Don't download workarounds for gameguard from the internet (it's a root kit, people). I know gameguard is the devil, but ... why you would replace it with something that could be any old other root kit with or without keyloggers...
  9. Based on my observations of bot behaviors at instances, they are probably mass farming the run from the door to the yellow quest area for xp until they move on en masse to the next instance, when they hit a certain level or something as well as doing the story quest piece. They probably aren't doing the infinite challenge part. And these are probably the same bots that were reported a few days before when they were in cinderlands running through the instances there, and a day before that in viridian... and not being deleted.
  10. This matter, combined with the current complete HOLE in account security, has to put NCSoft up there at worst MMO management and launch of all time... I have absolutely no words at this point. I've asked for all financial information to be removed from my account in a support ticket. No communication from NCSoft about the loophole in security. No communication about gameguard and the constant lag, lockups and disconnects for 2-3 days. And of course, no official communication from NCSoft on this matter other than they understand this must make people who think they are affected feel bad... for 2 weeks. Ire? Heh. I think I've moved beyond rational thought this morning.
  11. Obligatory Gameguard Thread

    I sort of took it being there after today's maintenance as a response.
  12. outfit deliver stamp

    If you haven't unlocked mail you may not be able to send it even if you buy the stamps -- I'd check the forums to see if people had this problem, look in the thread about 'problems with stamps' ...
  13. I do agree with you completely. The point I would argue is that at its core, BnS has a lot of redeeming qualities, and could be turned into a sustainable and even more profitable game if it wasn't handled the way that it is. As a gamer it's frustrating to see company after company take the quick and easy dollar route rather than actually just make a good game and build to 80% of the players' needs, or even 60% or some such, or do an appropriate study to find a good maximization route rather than monetize what they have for the highest yield without caring about how long it lasts or how "good" it truly is as a product. I always cared about how good something I made was, and fortunately statistics and user-centered design actually hold up in the end for a sustainability ... you just have to care in the first place. When something seems fun or has enough utility (for me that would be a fun vs frustration vs cost factor, whatever that amorphously turns out to be), then I'll give it a try until it swings too far against and I'll toss whatever is left into the sunk cost pile and move on. I won't mindlessly spend, but as I said, I would happily spend if the proper incentives were there. If someone is putting lipstick on a cow and trying to pawn it off on me, no.
  14. Credit Card for Two Different Accounts.?

    The technical answer here is yes you can. However, the individual who I know who has done this has suffered a side effect. The second account now has a "feature" where every purchase is subject to a 24 hour wait period. Support said this was due to high volume of transactions, however, it's suspicious that is the reason given because one account can make purchases and they go through instantly and the other accounts purchases are held for 24 hours, and during this timeframe, other purchases go through instantly on other accounts. So it could be true that it is high traffic or it could be flagged for some fraud protection and they just don't say because they often don't come out and divulge fraud protection practices. I don't remember how things work, if you have to technically buy ncoin to unlock mail for example, or if a prepaid card would do it. If I was doing things all over again and a prepaid card would suffice, I know with some games you can get those codes and redeem them right away and get the ingame currency applied almost instantly if you buy the card online. I have done that in other games, and it's a little less convenient than just buying the currency and seeing it apply to your account but it also does not involve a possible 24 hour delay.
  15. This game is broken!

    It's probably not the internet? Granted, it has its moments.. but they turned gameguard back on yesterday after it being off for a while. So a lot of us have gone from having virtually no server side skill lag, no spontaneous disconnects throughout the day, and much less rage while playing... to an awful lot of all three.