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  1. I also won't be upgrading until after this is formally addressed somehow -- either with an official patch/fix that changes existing behavior, or with a change to existing drop rates/acquisition of gem hammers so that it won't be an issue to work within the existing system. I don't want to upgrade now, find myself going to 1 gem socket, and then ... waiting for an indefinite period of time. My play time, financial investment rate (rate at which I spend money), they have tapered off as a result of this. I'm just not willing to be burned again. Or fight again. If it's not fixed in som
  2. The warnings only occur when you are on transformations where you will lose gems, as I understand it -- such at Oathbreaker or True Breeze. I do not know if you get prompted to remove gems if you try to do a transformation with gems prior to Blight, but I know you can lose sockets then as well. You can do transformations from right after Blight all the way up to anything before Oathbreaker or True Breeze without having to take gems out, like say hujikar or profane etc. No such documentation in game existed prior to 3/30, and the documentation that exists now just says it can happe
  3. This matter, combined with the current complete HOLE in account security, has to put NCSoft up there at worst MMO management and launch of all time... I have absolutely no words at this point. I've asked for all financial information to be removed from my account in a support ticket. No communication from NCSoft about the loophole in security. No communication about gameguard and the constant lag, lockups and disconnects for 2-3 days. And of course, no official communication from NCSoft on this matter other than they understand this must make people who think they
  4. I sort of took it being there after today's maintenance as a response.
  5. I'm not going to bother contacting technical support, they will just tell me the same thing as before -- helpfully and politely but it won't be useful because I was playing just fine until the update yesterday and I'm not going to troubleshoot my entire machine when it's clearly their gameguard update that has plagued me with disconnects and lockups during combat. They will ask me to disable all running nonessential non-system services. They will ask me to disable my antivirus protection and firewall. They will give me options of running firewall and antivirus protection that are o
  6. I am back to having constant disconnects from the game, nothing changed on my end -- other than the gameguard update. And yes, tons of new bots leveling their way up through the game. So many in some areas that it literally makes a few quest zones unplayable.
  7. This confirms what I had been told might happen, and that going siren/pirate only postpones the inevitable -- there is no way "around" this "feature" of the game. That it is and was "working as intended" but neither communicated nor advertised as such is abhorrent. As already mentioned above, to be so slow to redress a matter involving virtual goods is rather abysmal on their part.
  8. Ah, thanks for the clarification, Myuna! As I said, I've continued to see people copy and paste communications both to and from customer support -- what they seem to have sent in and received, elsewhere in the forums, so it really did seem curious that it had been removed here and not elsewhere. If the poster was paraphrasing, and it violated the CoC of the forums, I can understand the moderation. I myself have a long string of various responses from customer support at this point, and have also seen the "working as intended" response. It did indeed contrast with other responses I
  9. Apparently in this thread, moderators have chosen to remove communication to and from customer support even though they have not done so elsewhere in the forums. I myself was curious about this as well, it seems selective and inconsistent.
  10. I really hope that this one item at the top is not true because I have seen elsewhere NCSoft representatives state that at present the "best" or "only" way to report these people is to accept the friend request and block them and then delete the friend. My problem with that is twofold. I don't want to accept the friend request in the first place, I'd much rather the interface offer me the option to "report" right from the UI popup as you suggest -- where you get the "Accept/Decline" options at present, to have a Report/Block option. Too often by the time you get around to accepting
  11. I have been politely and steadfastedly attempting to resolve this through NCSoft's own channels, as is my *preference* for trying to be "fair." They seem to have exhausted themselves on my fairness, however, and seem recalcitrant with respect to doing anything that *I* was taught might be just in this situation, at least in a reasonably timely fashion. I don't care if they have to negotiate with the owners/developers of the software for a long term fix, Corporate home office should be making financial amends or offering an act of good faith by now of *some* sort. The wording they p
  12. The "additional messaging within the game that will advise players of this process" in fact was included in today's update. Originally, this description read: "This item can only be purchased five times per account each day." Now, the description reads as follows: "The number of Gem Hammers required to unlock a gem slot varies depending on the particular weapon, the slot being unlocked, and may increase as the weapon advances. Gem slots may be reset or lost at certain advanced points in a weapon's upgrade path. This item can only be purchased five times pe
  13. As I see it at this point, from the point of view of a consumer attempting to be calm, patient and contain irateness, a truly fair course of action would be to remove the RNG in the gem sockets during transformation once paid goods and services have been applied to a weapon. Another course of action would be to reimburse in-game currency spent on such weapons. And I am glad to see you mention "additional messaging within the game" -- I cannot emphasize enough that I would not have purchased these items had appropriate messaging existed. The bottom line here is that this issue does
  14. Good customer service goes a long, long way. I had a great experience with two things where they didn't have a cash handshake involved, and I could have been f2p entirely and had the same issues and (hopefully) gotten the same great service. And guess what, as a result, I spent a hefty amount of money and subbed up for a longer period of time than I had usually. This is how you'd think you'd want things to work -- or I would it to work this way, if I were not just out to milk the audience for what it was worth, if I wanted a sustainable business model. Unfortunately, this experience has left m
  15. This is what is most heartbreaking. The game *is* a work of art, and it *is* mismanaged. If they want to play a short game with customer loyalty, that's their business. It's not quite the "only" thing, but it's the less drastic of several options left to a consumer at this point. I would have really hoped that they would have stepped up and looked at this with a broad stroke in terms of fostering customer loyalty, customer retention, community relations, pick anything. Being a realist, I'm not even in the same neighborhood of a customer who spent $6K on lockboxes so maybe t
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