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  1. I'd like to apply. Name: Mizouhugetsu Level: 30 Class: Destroyer Server: Master Hong Faction: Crimson Reasoning: Firstly, I love the GFX for the clan. <3 Second, I want a group of people to play the game with, this feels like the one! P.S. Sent leader a Friend Request In-Game. Thank you!

    yaaaaah +1
  3. My B&S character - Three requests drawing slots!

    That's awesome, keep up the good work. c:
  4. Failed to connect to server. (204)

    and of course, anotha one.
  5. Failed to connect to server. (204)

    And anotha one.
  6. Server down or crashed ?

    <3 amg yaaas.
  7. Stuck On Screen After Security Pin Input

    Servers are down, check again soon.~
  8. [Error] E02024

    Anyone else?
  9. Stuck after entering my PIN

    Same thing. halp pls