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  1. 31 minutes ago, NorbertTheOpinionated said:

    The others are cannot be Salvaged for Fantasy Emblems at all.


    This is false. 
    I've opened a few boxes, and from what I can tell, all the other outfits salvage for one emblem. 

    The outfits that are re-releases; the 'old' version tooltip is in the wardrobe but if you actually buy and open the box you can salvage it, or at least the ones I got where worth one token each. 
    (For confirmation: 3 boxes bought with hmcoin; Nomad and Entertainers Will both crunched to 1 token each, tooltip listed it as a single guaranteed token) 

  2. The quest log thing definitely fixes it for me. While quests are being tracked, every time the event boss spawns the balls I would literally drop maybe... 20-30 frames? About 1/4-1/2 second and it would be impossible to actually dodge the balls. (But if you time your 1 skill on the gun you don't need to so that's what I've been doing) 


    But with quests off it's a smooth 60fps all the way through. 

    It also fixes the stutters I was having when moving across large populated maps like Basin and Valendria. Though, something to note is that another thing that fixes those stutters for me is turning my graphics card off (GTX 1060) and running integrated graphics. So the actual bug might have something to do with how the quest log process on different hardware. 

  3. On 2/23/2018 at 11:02 PM, ARC-1276 said:

    What I was thinking of was giving them another pole arms class, like Destroyer, only this will be modeled after Yunsang.

    That IS destroyer. Yunsang is literally a destroyer with a funky axe skin. 

    Pretty much all of his skills are modified skills player destros have access to: 
    (I mean, they're stronger because he's a boss, but lots of NPCs are like that. Like the random ebrondrake FMs with stun fireballs or WLs with Knockback wingstorms.)

    His shockwave jump Is Blitz
    His counter is basically scorching strike
    His spins are basically a stronger parry hurricane. 
    His emberstomp is... emberstomp. 
    The stun knee is also a destro skill 
    'Golden Dragon Scimitar' Is basically Stage 3 Drag->Execute
    His knockup combo is basically Ram->Upward Block
    Grab is grab, he has unique debuffs, but player equivalents are slam or headbutt
    His standard hits could be seen as Judgement(Front Swipe) and Smash(The stab) with alternate animations. 
    The drinking is borrowed from Naksun, but also is basically a stupidly long lasting Persistence. 

    The only real unique move I can remember is when he does the spinning jump behind you that dazes you; the one he always follows up with emberstomp. 

    He's a straight-up destroyer with some alternate animations and a nice axe skin. 

  4. I hear SO MUCH complaining about SO MANY classes in 6v6... 

    That I'm actually starting to think it IS balanced. I mean... If *most* of the classes are OP then none of them are. [Insert meme image of syndrome here] 

    And every class is stupid when there is a huge gear discrepancy between the players. 

    Classes that people complain about: Gunner, WL, BD, Destro, Sum, FM, KFM, Sin... 

    I think BM is literally the only class I don't hear constant whining about, and even, their block spamming still gets some hate. 


  5. I say this as someone with premium rank 10: They had BETTER not. I would take that as a sign it's time to quit the game. 

    EXP rate bonus is one thing, but literally selling stats like crit and crit damage is pay to win, pure and simple. Especially the PvP stats in 6v6. 


    Sure I'd be one of the ones who has this advantage so it would 'benefit' me, but I don't want a stat advantage over free players. And if that IS what you want you can swipe for a maxed pet or something already anyways.  

    I want convenience features and shorted farming/grinding. Mobile warehouse is great. More stuff like that.  You know what I want as a premium feature? You know how on the first page of storage half the slots are locked even if you have all the slots? Open those up. Give me extra rows of gear storage for extra soul shields and my 20-something weapon skins that still won't go in the showcase. (and then let f2p have the wardrobe) And an hmcoin allowance. And actual meaningful discounts on f10 cosmetics and items (Last I checked the literal only discount is basically dragon pouches) A discount on the upcoming custom outfit feature for premium would be great. 

  6. If anything it's the dark path that got removed.


    They DID in fact kill a light/dark choice and merged the relevant events from both sides when you get to silverfrost, 

    You never go full 'evil' or anything either, If anything you've already done worse back in sandstone refuge; you mostly just become kind of an impatient angry ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ for a few chapters before mellowing back out and getting railroaded back onto the hero path. 

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  7. On 10/29/2017 at 7:46 AM, Madscream said:

    For Frost Warlock answer isn't really this simple/ Yeah, most people are running with Magnum (Blue) for frost. It's a selfish approach just to get maximum damage yourself. While in raid group you should have at least 2 Warlocks with 2 different soul badges. One Magnum for pure dps, and one Blue Moon (Green) to boost every other wl right-click damage in group.

    You are severely overestimating the effects of brand. And with a proper rotation, you can maintain heavy brand uptime without the badge. 
    The additional damage on wingstorm and imprison are not very large DPS increases compared to the DPS you get from increasing the sheer number of dragoncalls.

    In a two ice warlock party, you would get more DPS out of both of them using magnum. More brand uptime wouldn't boost the 2nd WL enough to make up for it. 

    If you have 3 or more warlocks, You will have nearly 100% brand uptime applied ANYWAY, making the badge completely useless.

    Shadow build can maintain 100% brand uptime by itself. If you have a multiple WL party and ANY of them are using shadow build, the Blue Moon badge is worthless. 

    In other words, the more warlocks you have in a party, the less useful blue moon is, and it's not incredibly useful to begin with compared to magnum. If anything, I'd say the best application of it would be Ice build pvp. (But who uses ice in 6v6?)  

  8. Radiant Ring!


    The crafting recipes for diamond pouches uses them still, making those recipies obsolete. 


    I know nobody really crafted them anyways, but that might actually change if updated recopies are reasonably priced with replacement ingredients. And it's still the only source of defense diamonds (again, a thing most players don't go for, but it has 6v6 applications if you're trying to make a tank/stall build for point defense) 


    Maybe give us a crafting recipe to make gem powders from other mats? 

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  9. This tier list is BS if for no other reason that every class except for three of them is "Bad" or worse. 


    If that's the case it should be labeled as the normal/baseline tier. Since you need to establish an actual median instead of "every class but the top few are 'bad dps'" 



    But yeah, with completely maxed gear, some classes change a lot. Destroyer in particular has a night and day difference with the right badges, and destro's VT legendary badges are amazingly good. ... If you can get it. 


    Whereas some of those classes dish more damage on the way up, but don't get nearly as much of a boost from their BiS gear. Like WL: the soulburn badge isn't going to do a whole lot for their personal DPS, but that badge with a gunner in the party is some serious party DPS.

  10. I think people are projecting a bit much on the "whiny-ness" of my post. 


    I was kind of annoyed at first yes, but I'm honestly still glad that I have 10 less oils to worry about getting to true stage. 


    But I think what happened to me is Ironic. I worked to advance and then I realized I literally made less progress towards my soul upgrade than if I had chosen not to log in for a whole month. That is not a whine. That is an objective fact. 


    And people can't avoid having similar things happen to them if other people don't share these sorts of stories as a warning. 

    1 hour ago, Pyrocyborg said:

    Maybe it was a waste of your time, but it wasn't for everyone. 

    Yes, that is a solid point, and my title should have had the word 'for me' at the end as a qualifier. It's kind of implied but I should have phrased it as such outright. 

  11. When I started this event I had 10 oils. 


    I spent as much time as possible in the first few weeks of the event and earned the last 4 oils I needed to upgrade my soul. And upgraded my soul as soon as possible, which was a huge mistake because they announced the cost decrease the week afterwards! 


    If I literally hadn't logged in at all, I'd technically have made more progress towards upgrading my soul than I did by pvping my butt off, because I would have had enough to upgrade and would have had two left over. 


    I basically flushed all my tokens down the toilet without knowing it and I wish I'd at least have gotten the outfit or something instead now. 

  12. 3 hours ago, amokk said:

    After trove we'll prob see another cost reduction, so wait even further ! xD


    1 hour ago, HachiAki said:

    just wait forever

    never upgrade

    the prices wil never be cheap enough so dont do it or else rage wen it becomes cheaper later



    It's not so much that, it's that it's finally sunk in for me that the worst time to upgrade in general is 1-2 two weeks before a major patch. Which is generally right before potential shifts like this get announced. Whereas if you make your upgrades within the first week or two AFTER a major patch, you know you have at least 1-2 months before a major shift like this. 



  13. I upgraded my soul to awakened tier just last week, and support tells me I'm out of range for a revert request so I basically screwed myself out of about 2k gold.


    From what I've heard online, this sort of thing has happened to plenty of other people in the past, but the pattern seems to line up with the timing of events. 



    So, PSA: whenever there is an upgrade-material providing event, and a update patch on the horizon within the next month, no matter how much you're itching to upgrade, WAIT until the event ends and the patch drops before you actually spend the mats. 

  14. 21 hours ago, CharlieIsBoss said:

    plush, inugami and dad all understand reality.    regardless of the minimum price, it will stack up at the bottom. there is just too much gold.


    when I played PWI, the Chinese bots were even abusing the 1 coin trash drops. they would just bot endlessly and end up with decent money because there were many. pwi finally removed all cash values from pretty much anything that dropped to stop that crap.


    I have been yapping about more gold sinks to get rid of excess gold since forever. things like  gold in-game cash shops that are character bound items like sunglasses, hats, earrings, masks, fancy pauldrons etc etc.  non tradeable stuff to stop all the exploitations, just sink gold.


    IMO it was a HUGE mistake removing remote quest turn-in and travel fees. that left me with lots of extra gold over time.

    believe me, you used to have to use strategy/logistics to do your stuff on the cheap. almost a game inside the game, but all gone now.


    The main issue with a lot of our gold sinks was that they felt like punishments for playing normally. (like the massive whining over gem mailing costs) 

    I do like your suggestions though, on having more voluntary gold sinks. Outfit vendors can sell the outfits from local dungeons, as in, all the obsolete blue dungeons and 24-man areas and wheel of fortune outfits that are a pain to grind, for somewhere between 50-200g each. So someone that wants something like say... the outfit from frostscale basin can just sink some gold instead of trying to solo-farm a 24-man for hours on end. 

    As for the currency exchange, there's always been this problem where large gold amount offerings have a higher minimum price. Which is backwards and encourages these minimum amount spam listings.

    A potential fix might be to scale the taxes. 1: Get a reduced tax for higher gold amount listings, as an example, a 10g listing might have a 25% tax on the hmcoin recived while a 1000 gold listing might have a 10% tax (Maybe not to that extent, but just to give the idea) 2: make it like f5 in that more consecutive listings per day have increased tax rates. Either of those would encourage people to make bigger listings and to make less of them overall. It's even more convenient for buyers because I'm sure swiping for 500g is a LOT of clicking right now. 

  15. New players don't really need to *make* oils though. 


    The reason I picked blackstones as a candidate is that that, you don't need to worry about farming large quantities of oils until you're basically got your stage 10+ weapon (and thus, you can handle doing Naryu sanctum) 

    The first few stages of soul upgrades (1-5) can be easily done with just events, since it appears sacred oils are going to be a regular event offering from here on. 


    Newer players leveling up should be spending those materials on weapon stage 1-10, and obtaining and upgrading draken acessories. (It's much more power for the money than anything a stage 1-10 soul is going to give you) So it's bad, in my opinion, to cause price spikes in the materials players working on those items are going to need.

    Just like how I think making the new souls use the same materials was a huge mistake, because it doubled the cost of oils and wrecked the chances of anyone just upgrading to a stage 10 soul of ever catching up to the people who hoarded mats for a day one max soul. 


    New gear shouldn't make the OLD gear cost twice as much, that's just unfair. 



  16. The crystals and most of the extra mats are fine (They much more farmable than evolved stones) 

    But doubling the evolution stones is killer. After the server merge, there is literally 1/10th the quartz supply, so now quartz is going to be a major bottleneck. 

    And making oils need more stones, is going to make low tier weapon upgrades cost much more gold, which is going to price new players out of the market, stuck at lower tier baleful/seraph weapons and making it harder for them to catch up to current content. 


    If anything I'd swap those out with some other level 50 material entirely, like blackstones or something. That way they're cutting into the Raven stage 6+ upgrades of high tier players instead of the baleful/seraph 1-5 upgrades of newer players. 

  17. Yeah, you can, unless you're getting the 'mastery bundle' mixed up with the level 50 voucher, those are two separate purchases. 


    Most of the mastery bundle items won't seriously effect you until level 50, actually. It's mainly to give an additional boost to people that use level 50 vouchers.


    The main things that will help you out with a fresh level 1 character are the gems (You can use them from level 1, so the two gems you get are quite overpowered for a low level character) and the gold since you'll have way more starting cash than a fresh level 1, (Though if you just wanted gold you could buy the 30g off currency exchange for way less) 




    If you use a level 50 character creation voucher, you will skip most of the story up until the more recent chapters.  If you want to experience the story in full, using one is not recommended for your first character, since you essentially miss out on your 'origin story' 

    The game is balanced such that you don't need to actually go grind levels while progressing a new character through the story. In face, playing the story quests is the fastest way to level. 

    If you start a fresh level 1 character, you can play straight through all the story quests without much difficulty, and maybe do a few side-quests that interest you along the way. 

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