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  1. Hey @KlausFlouride, You gotta give me your name + the tag as well :) . Np, I will be adding you then. Do update me ^^ Arigatou
  2. Hi @KlausFlouride! hmm I see :x well according to the time you reply me, is best that you try to pm the current leader -> ImKilleR Or if you don't mind giving me your discord tag and let me add you/you add me in discord :) I'm 24/7 on discord (except sleeping time hehe) Place to input discord tag Discord tag
  3. Hi @KlausFlouride, I'm so sorry but I saw your PM ingame yesterday :( I tried to reply 10min later and u went cross server. There were a few times I saw you online but I couldn't PM you because you are in cross server haha ><. I will try again when I see you online okay ;).
  4. Hey @KlausFlouride! Sorry for the late reply, have been really busy with work lately :(. Have you tried contacting our fellow veteran/admin listed? I have sent you a friend request, but I dont think you were online when I am. Account name is NiniHayuki. Do try to pm any of us or if you have discord, please do enter the server and it would be easier for us to contact you! Hey @Kilash! I think you have pm-ed my friend ImKiller but he wasnt around ( I think he was afk) and you went off. Do try to add me (XUNCHii) or ImKiller as friend and pm us when you see us :) Thank you so much for the effort~ See you soon ^-^
  5. @Kilash Alright! Feel free to PM me anytime in game! :) I'll drop you an invite. I will be online after 11 hours from now >< (at work atm). Or u can try to PM Quek/ImKiller/ShioRin.
  6. Hi @Kilash , Our timing GMT +8, is 15 hours ahead of your time zone (PST -8). Are you okay with the timing? We usually do daily runs ~1h after reset everyday. Do tell us about your level/HM level if you dont mind :)
  7. Demonic Disciple [Rank 15 (currently 72/80 members now)] We are a growing guild looking to strive and expand our community! Most of our members comes from Asian Countries (GMT +8) [Singapore & Malaysia]. So any Asian Region members (Time zone is too different from others), We'll welcome you with Open Arms (WARNING: We do not discriminate any class or level) As for our General Community We are friendly, and Approachable! Currently, we have 3 static daily party runs (1 hour after daily reset) AND hoping to expand more :) The golden rules of the guild 1. Speak only English in Guild Chat! 2. Respect guild members 3. Stay active 4. No scamming Ways to join the guild: 1. Leave a reply on this thread 2. Apply in the Guild Recruitment (Open mostly on weekend) 3. Add and pm me in game (IGN: ImKilleR/XUNCHii/ShioRin/Quek/Lucreshia) 4. Apply at our FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BNSDDclan/ or our Discord: https://discord.gg/0nNhXR3GRpfEXYwX
  8. Recruiting SG/MY Clan Members (Crimson Legion)

    Bump! We're now lv10 clan :D with two active daily runs every day (starts approx. 1h after reset) o/ Currently mass recruiting (More than 20 slots available!!)